By Rosie Sherry

Get a very rosie perspective on community building.

Get a very rosie perspective on community building.

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This week in community building — Issue 120

Measuring Community Value for Members: NetPromoter Score or Product Market Fit? — Evan HamiltonThe simple system I’m using to stay in touch with hundreds of people — Jakob Greenfield21st Century Community — The History of the WebOn Equity in Community Network…


This week in community building — Issue 119

👎 This Party Sucks, Why Haven't We Left — Anne Helen Petersen🤗 The loneliness of the community manager: unclear tasks and little support — Marta Mainieri⚙️ Optimizing your Community Operations — Andrew Claremont▶️ Cyclical re-commitment: The importance of all…


This week in community building — Issue 118

✈️ Three aviation principles for community-builders and founders — Juan José😩 Guilt & community engagement — Fabian Pfortmüller📊 Understanding the Community through Metrics - Carina C. Zona — CHAOSS🤗 Embracing a Community — Rotana Ty➾ Building A Community…


🎓 Build Your Minimum Viable Community (MVC) — The Course

WE ❤️ MVCs — The TLDR; 👇


Community growth specialists are the future of community

We’re facing an exciting time in the community industry. New challenges arise as interest grows in the work we do. We have the opportunity to forge new community paths.In the instance of expertise and community career paths, we are moving away from very basic…


This week in community building — Issue 117

💰 The Community Salary Index Survey — Erin Moore😀 Where Community Fits Into The Customer Support Experience — Richard Millington🎙 Online Community Building Lessons From Collaborative Board Games — Community Signal🤑 How to Tokenize your Community with Jeremiah…


This week in community building — Issue 116

🔍 We're Going on a Community Journey👀 I started a community where you get kicked for inactivity 💼 Maybe it's time to bundle things up again [Pro]🧹 Some things you can tidy up in your community


This week in community building — Issue 115

🌹 ‘People doing the work have more power’: We Are Rosie founder Stephanie Olson on freelance network’s growth, war on talent — DigiDay🙌 $12,000,000 received on behalf of open source projects in 2021 — Open Collective2️⃣ How to Build a Meaningful (and Massive)…


This week in community building — Issue 114

We got a bit busy over the past couple of weeks!🟢 A quick look at Spotify Greenroom🙅🏽‍♀️ Don't steal attention. Create what is right. [Pro]👾 Discord Server Templates & Inspiration [Pro]📣 Communities are too noisy [Pro]🎓 Learning in community — an introduc…


This week in community building — Issue 113

I'm ending this year of newsletters with missing a week and even being a few days late with this one. It turns out life is pretty difficult sometimes.But wow, it's been a year! I quietly struggled on many fronts and I hope that 2022 brings me more calm and cl…


Tackling community debt — What if we kicked community inactive members?

I've been thinking a lot recently about community debt and how this can be a more considered part of our community strategies.And then, as I do, I tweeted about it.


This week in community building — Issue 112

Rust Moderation Team ResignsThe entire moderation team resigns, effective immediately. This resignation is done in protest of the Core Team placing themselves unaccountable to anyone but themselves.


This week in community building — Issue 111

One thing that I've noted lately is that there are a lot more people talking about world of community. And I can't seem to escape the chatter of Web 3. 🙈With so much going on, I'm going to include less in this newsletter (even though there is still a lot!) an…


This week in community building — Issue 110

Here are two (of like a million) things on my mind this week:🌈 Join me for a guide on creating profitable and sustainable communitiesI'm going to dive into my current thinking about creating communities that are sustainable and profitable. There are no magic …


A guide to building a Minimum Viable Community (MVC)

In the product and startup world, the term Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is well known, or should we say, it's impossible to escape from. It's just common sense to not build too much without some form of validation that you are on the right track.In community …


This week in community building — Issue 109

Every week I'll start these posts with a write up of what I've been up to. Think of this like a mini learning in public accountability post. (🙏🏽 Tell me if you like it, or not!)My life has edged towards teaching. I don't think I ever considered myself the tea…


When you're starting a community, really you are designing one.

I had been thinking about what it means to design a community. Some people say community can't be designed. I disagree, though I do think it's a very different process than other design processes.I think when we do design community a big part of it is in deci…


This week in community building — Issue 109

Best Practices for Gender-Inclusive Content Moderation — GrindrIn this whitepaper, we will outline strategies and best practices for creating thoughtful, equitable, and inclusive moderation policies and practices with gender inclusion in mind. This includes p…


This week in community building — Issue 108

A visual guide to decentralizationFrom nesting to networking: forms of decentralization according to Nathan SchneiderPods and Pod Mapping Worksheet...we had been using the term “community” when we talked about transformative justice, but we found that, not su…


This week in community building — Issue 107

Game Developers Say It Helps When Fans Realize They’re HumanA thriving Discord community has become an essential part of the game dev toolkit—especially for small independent games and busy community managers.The Four Dirty C-Words of the InternetThere are fo…