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This week in community building — Issue 120

This week in community building — Issue 120
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #26 • View online
🌪 The weather this week has been stormy!
I did two things to make progress in Rosieland last week, go me! 🥳
1️⃣ Thing One I did was to set up a Job board and Talent Pool, do feel free to post your jobs or apply for our Talent Pool if you are on the hunt for work.
2️⃣ Thing Two I did was I spent a good chunk of my time migrating content on Rosieland. It was painful! 😭
🌈 The good news is that Rosieland now has a fresh look! It allows me to move forward with more of a membership model as a sustainable income, whilst allowing the more ‘community part’ to be free. (I still have some previous members to migrate over, so please bear with me 🙏🏽).
❤️ My️ real dream (or goal?!) is to put out 100% of our work out there for free and as an independent community and resource. Not sure how I’ll get there, but as most things I do, it will involve putting one foot in front of the other.
Onwards onto the juicy things I found this week in community…

🤓 Interesting reads...
🌤 Psst, come hang on our Rosieland Discord or Twitter Community or join us every Friday for a casual community chat.
🎙 Podcasts
🛠 Tools
  • Levellr — Build and grow your messaging community
  • Heartbeat — Bring your community together
  • SavannahCRM — Community Relationship Manager
🐦 Twitter
Sara Candela
I want to help you = audience
I want to help you help each other = community
Community Hacked
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You are at the center of your team. But it isn't really a team: It's two groups reluctantly working together. What else is going on in?

Vera is a connector. She's collaborating with a lot of people.
Matthew is a gatekeeper.

What would you do to align the team better?
Ari Nielsen
A list of community patterns that can transform into cultic patterns.

All of these are appropriate to some degree, so there is no clear line when things go off the rails.

Take-home point: one must apply continuous hygiene around cultic patterns. You don't merely "avoid cults".
Mathilde Leo 🦁
A 🧵 on community flywheels

How do you stimulate meaningful activity in your community?

You need a vision. Strategies + tactics

But most importantly, you need momentum. That unstoppable energy that gets members excited, connected and engaged.

That's where flywheels come in.
Just joined a 🔥 Twitter Space with @erinmikail & @rosiesherry about supporting & motivating #community builders. Community bridges the gap between #learning & #teaching. More thoughts to come. For now, here's my take on explorative learning #learnoutloud
What do you wish you would have known before you started your community?
This week in community building — Issue 120
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