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This week in community building — Issue 118

This week in community building — Issue 118
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #24 • View online
🤗I took a break from this curation newsletter last week to prioritise an article and launching of our Minimum Viable Community course.
I’m also practising a bit of self-care and cleaning up all the Rosieland things before deciding what to do next. I have lots of plans and ideas, but am also just really enjoying the freedom to work on the things I love most. ❤️
🌤 Psst, come hang on our Rosieland Discord or Twitter Community or join us every Friday for a casual community chat.

This week in community
😩 Guilt & community engagement — Fabian Pfortmüller
🤗 Embracing a Community — Rotana Ty
➾ Building A Community Of Alignment — Eric Nehrlich
🟠 #9: Strava Community Analysis — Francisco Fonseca
🎨 On engaging with your creative community — The Creative Independent
💬 Everyone Has Left the Chat — New York Times
🎙 Episode 10: Peter Block — Finding Community Podcast
👎 Without Care, We Lose — Chris Dixon
🕸 Communities = human search engines? — Fabian Pfortmüller
✅ Organizing Your Online Community — Justin DiRose, Discourse
🗞 News
🐦 Tweets
Andrew Claremont 🇨🇦
Community Operations is like product management. You’re translating member needs into systems and processes.
edmund 🧑🏾‍🚀
Asking my community peeps. What should @rosiesherry do?

Now that @rosiesherry has left Orbit, what do you picture her doing with all that extra time. I started a list. Feel free to add yours to this thread. 👇🏾
What's your biggest struggle when it comes to community?
Rosie Sherry
To scale a community, the real trick is to grow horizontally, not up.

Some great examples:

- Alcoholic Anonymous
- Startup Grind
- Duolingo
- Ministry of Testing
Noele Flowers
Community Twitter: what's working well for you right now to combat burnout?
Our NFT collection just hit a 27 ETH floor.

Here’s the playbook for how we did it. 🧵
Hugo Amsellem
People are lonelier than you think:

- Families are scattered around
- Religions are dying
- Offices are closing
- Gig economy is booming
- Third spaces are going out of biz
- Unions are relics of the past
- Neighborhoods are about security vs community

We owe each other more!
Shannon Emery
While it's important to honor what has been done in community, it's as important to know when change is needed.

Change provides a community sustainability or growth. It has to be done thoughtfully but evolving your community allows for more voices to be heard & included. 1/
Ian Vanagas
The membership of every community is never perfect. There are always people who could benefit from community they don’t know about.

Communities should be working hard to find these people and have them join.
David Williams
@TesterFromLeic One of my leadership team peers at Zoopla described my style of leadership as "Ubuntu" - I had to look up what he meant, but was blown away by the compliment.

Ubuntu = "humaneness" – a pervasive spirit of caring and community, harmony and hospitality, respect and responsiveness.
This week in community building — Issue 118
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Rosie Sherry

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