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This week in community building — Issue 117

This week in community building — Issue 117
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #21 • View online
🌤️ Welcome to another week in Rosieland!
I’ve ended up being two days late with this one, but I’m okay with that, I have a good excuse!
It has been a big week for me as I hang up my hat at Orbit and go in full time to build my own Rosieland and community things.
I have lots of plans, but first I will breathe, relax and calm down a little bit. The reality is starting to set in and I’m pretty excited about it!

Rosie Sherry
Today is my birthday and community manager appreciation day.

My gift to myself was quitting my job to go full time on my own projects.
This week in community...
🐦 Tweets
Ben Werdmuller
A piece about the internet, understanding yourself, and finding community.
Carter Gibson
The best communities need to be:

📊 accurately defined / classified
🔎 discoverable
👩‍⚖️ manageable (give mods robust features)
✨ purposeful
📈 active
🌟 rewarding
💓 civil
Sara Candela
How can we reconsider how we use the word 'engagement'?
Carter Gibson
When I started in Community Management, I made $50k a year. In San Francisco. In year 2, I made $55k.

My pay got better at startups, but it wasn't until I dug into Program Management that I felt financially secure.

You can do CM as a PgM. And get paid more. Trust me :)
Ben Barbersmith 🧬
“What gets measured gets managed—even when it's pointless to measure and manage it.” 🤣

But when you run a community, you NEED to know how it's doing. You need to monitor its vital signs to keep it healthy. 👩‍⚕️

Here are 5 key metrics you should be measuring for your community:
Jeremy Fojut
A community as a series A round. Interesting. I’d hate to lose my house if they exit.
Cody Ogden
Why are they gathering? What do they know? 🤨
Wes Kao 🏛
How to build high-impact course communities:
This week in community building — Issue 117
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Rosie Sherry

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