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This week in community building — Issue 116

This week in community building — Issue 116
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #20 • View online
Wow, today Erin and I are reaching 50 days of 100 Days of Twitter Spaces.
If anything for me, I think that 2022 will be the year of creative consistency. That’s my goal, I’d love to hang with others who have similar aspirations.
In other news, I accepted my first irl speaking gig in a long, long, time.
👋 As always, come and say hi on Twitter or Discord.

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Rosie Sherry
How do you turn a community into an audience?

Omidyar Network
Private messaging platforms play a pivotal role in empowering diverse ideas and social movements. Yet risky design choices that preference the companies’ goals over users’ wellbeing.

Find out how in our latest report:
are you unknowingly a lifetime member of an online community you no longer belong to?

lots of thoughts on this:
Tom Critchlow
So much of the "tools for thought" space is designed around personal note taking, personal research work and personal knowledge management.

Who is working on the community version of "tools for thought"?

Where are the shared knowledge gardens?
Nivi Achanta
i'm still working on this but community guidelines shouldn't be legalese on what you'll get booted for; they should be like a dress code at a party -- be clear on what's expected so people can show up accordingly!
Tom Ross
I don’t think community is the right play if your business is client services.

Focus on landing more/better clients and doing great work for them.

Don’t think you need to put your 8 current clients into a freaking community just because ‘community’ is trendy.
This week in community building — Issue 116
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