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This week in community building — Issue 113

This week in community building — Issue 113
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #17 • View online
❤️ This is the final Rosieland Roundup of the year!

I’m ending this year of newsletters with missing a week and even being a few days late with this one. It turns out life is pretty difficult sometimes.
But wow, it’s been a year! I quietly struggled on many fronts and I hope that 2022 brings me more calm and clarity.
I don’t have more words than that at the moment, because, life.
But I do want to say thank you for reading and supporting my work in whatever way you may have done.
On Rosieland
Not strictly Rosieland, but Erin and I decided to do 100 Days of Twitter Spaces, to be honest, it’s really bad timing, but we’ve been having fun!
⛅️ The types of community [Pro]
I’m ending this year by tidying up my Notion Community Garden, and exploring some extra writing bits.
The Communiverse
via The Verge
C’Bearing’s experience illustrates a growing challenge for Indigenous communities: how to protect tribal culture from the dangers of the attention economy.
🐦 Tweets
Community often helps members at a time along their journey. Even if for a short time, the impact could be monumental! Celebrate members moving on when it means the community has helped them achieve what they set out to do. Consider it community graduation

Tom Ross
“Why launch your community via a live launch party call?”

1. Members can connect before joining
2. This builds social proof
3. You can set culture early
4. Give a live tour, showing how to use your community
5. Address objections pre launch
6. Prompts burst of early activity
Carter Gibson
There isn't a single metric for community that works everywhere.

Instead, you need to identify your company's KPIs and determine how your community can make a meaningful difference in those.

Tie. your community. to your company's. metrics.
Most creators have multiple revenue streams & depend heavily on B2B monetisation

Negotiating with sponsors for @femstreet is incredibly manual & scattered across tools.

Literally can't wait for @jenpphan & team to launch @GetPassionfroot 🍊🥭🍓🍇
Simon Tomes
💡 Racket Rush
A group of people join a call for an hour. They rotate pairs and each time record a @racket100. At the end of the hour there's a whole load of good conversation and Racket's to share with the world.

What do you reckon?

(it'll require strict timings+facilitation)
Venkatesh Rao (田 )
Web2 was a customer service medium defined by the complaint “why wasn’t I consulted”

Web3 is shaping up to be a citizen service medium defined by the complaint “why wasn’t I governed?”
Bill Johnston
Community folks: This time several years ago I wound up in the hospital after a very challenging community launch.

Self care wasn't something I prioritized - it was a big mistake.

If you are struggling right now, talk to someone - including me. Message me and I'll make time.
Ben Werdmuller
Any institution that thinks it knows best without listening to its community, yielding ownership to its community, and making space for its community is doomed to failure. That's true if you're a company, a membership organization, a non-profit, or a political party.
Max Rothery
If you believe in web3.0 and want to become C-Suite,
start learning community today.

It's the most in demand skillset with the fewest experts.

Here's a few places to build your fundamentals: 🧵
🎆 See y'all in 2022!
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