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This week in community building — Issue 112

This week in community building — Issue 112
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #15 • View online
My mind is on community growth this week.
In case you don’t know, I pretty much think of community 24/7. Luckily as part of my day job at Orbit, I get lots of freedom to explore and teach.
This week we’re exploring Community Growth — the thing that I feel and know so many people and communities struggle with.
Come along, it’s free and led enthusiastically by me and Erin!

✨ Highlights
The entire moderation team resigns, effective immediately. This resignation is done in protest of the Core Team placing themselves unaccountable to anyone but themselves.
🌨 Rosieland
👀 This week
🐦 Tweets
Every community should have a living manifesto, that get's reviewed every season, and re-written from scratch every age (4-5 seasons).

It is the north star, a call-to-action, and summary of values, and a primary form of alignment between new members.
Kurt Kemple
All the hype I see around web3 always leads back to money. I am all for money, but I am not all for the next version of the web to be powered by payments.

You can't pay money without some form of centralization which negates the benefits of web3.

Metamask is a prime example.
Peter Yang
So I've been diving into @OlympusDAO forks and I think I've come across a rug pull in process.

I hope I'm wrong about @BabylonDAO but there are some solid red flags...
Ben Tossell
In February 2020, Makerpad:

- Had a growing team
- Neared $400k in revenue
- Reached over 1000 paying members
Max Rothery
When we first launched community I spent a long time designing content & journeys.

This time we recruited our members to do this for us.

I will never go back to doing this myself.
Community Coach Carmen
I really enjoyed reading this. Community managers take note - if you target these chemicals it may be the ultimate community hack. Ideas:
1) start a “complement someone in this community” thread
2) Members can “check” off tasks and be recognised
3) Celebrate micro wins channel
Li Jin
DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) represent the next step forward in the labor movement.

A thread 🧵
Earnest Eddie 🌎
What are some of the most underrated Community values?

I’ll start ➔ Security
In theory, crypto makes it possible for users to partake in the success of the products and communities they are part of. In practice, token-based economies are very difficult to design. We’re going to see a lot of trial and error.

Some challenges I'm seeing:
Matt Mecham
It's easy to start a community on social media platforms.

But it's hard to keep it there.
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Rosie Sherry

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