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This week in community building — Issue 111

This week in community building — Issue 111
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #14 • View online
🌤 Hello, another week in Rosieland!

One thing that I’ve noted lately is that there are a lot more people talking about world of community. And I can’t seem to escape the chatter of Web 3. 🙈
With so much going on, I’m going to include less in this newsletter (even though there is still a lot!) and opt to put all my weekly finds in the Rosieland curated Notion (buy access or get access as part of a Rosieland paid membership) whilst also cross-posting things to our Discord.
Overall this stuff is increasingly becoming more time consuming. I think it’s time to revisit the whole existence of Rosieland. 👀
🗓 Upcoming event
Community Created Content — ​Most of us probably know about UGC — User Generated Content. ​But what about Community Created Content or Community Generated Content? This week I’m hosting this as an opportunity to explore what this might mean. Come along!
👍 Community Tip: People can pay to participate, not to consume content
Don’t let people make you think that you have to put your content behind a wall.
Anne Helen Petersen currently puts out all her content for free, but then makes weekly discussion threads for paid subscribers. [Source]
An Example of Anne Helen Petersen's Weekly Thread
An Example of Anne Helen Petersen's Weekly Thread
👋 This week in community...
3️⃣ Web 3
✨ Decentralised Tech & the Future of Organising: a big hot list of web3 people & projects with real social impact potential — Richard Bartlett
🤷🏻‍♀️ What Does Web 3 0 Mean To Your Community? — Jeremiah Owyang
💥 DAOs, A Canon — Future
🐦 Tweets
DAOs will learn the hard way that structurelesness is a tyranny.

For everyone to have the opportunity to participate in a group, the structure has to be explicit + the rules of engagement open and available to everyone.

Who is building DAO tooling? I want to back.
Rosie Sherry
I'm creating an open source #CommunityDictionary

What words should be included in it?
Ali Spittel 🐞
Developer Advocacy is a tiny bit of being a PM, QA, software engineer, technical writer, video producer, community manager, and so much more wrapped into one job 😅
Bill Johnston
Someone Right-Clicked Every NFT In The Heist Of The Century

except it wasn't a heist. Working as designed.
Cagri Yalcin (a.k.a ezetec)
My proposal for web3 projects that try to build communities on Discord.

Projects want to reach out to real people, create belonging, and go to the moon.

But in general, they are struggling with bots, fake accounts, and the pressure of reaching enough (a lot) people and NGMI.🧵
Trung Phan 🇨🇦
Rounded up the best ConstitutionDAO memes (starring Nic Cage, Brooke Lampley and Ken Griffin)
crypto needs more people obsessed with people, less people obsessed with technology
This week in community building — Issue 111
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