By Rosie Sherry

This week in community building — Issue 110



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This week in community building — Issue 110
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #13 • View online
🙈 This week I had to make Web 3 it’s own section.

Here are two (of like a million) things on my mind this week:
I’m going to dive into my current thinking about creating communities that are sustainable and profitable. There are no magic and quick fixes for any of this, but it’s worth getting this one out there!
🌈 Minimum Viable Community Gardens?
I often talk about communities being like community gardens, but what’s the word when you have a bunch of gardens that will eventually become one? Or are they micro-gardens that eventually become one? Or, I have to say, maybe they are minimum viable community gardens?
I had that thought today when I realised the Study Groups we are doing at Orbit are essentially that.
This tweet is in reference to our Community Operations for Events happening today/tomorrow.
Rosie Sherry 🐌 #100DaysOfCommunity
Yes, the Study Groups are individual events, but they are connected.

They build upon one another.

It is the accumulation of showing up, the conversations, and the overall value that we can bring together.

In a way that is useful and accommodating to a wider range of people.
👋 Psst, join us on Discord.
☁️ This week in community...
🔮 Web 3
🔢 How to Build an Online Community (the Web 3 way) — Juan Cienfuegos
❌ The Web’s Freedom Fallacy — Ed Zitron
🕸 Notes on Web3 — Robin Sloan
📜 Let’s Buy the US Constitution — Packy McCormick
🐦 Tweets
Matt Mecham
Shout out to the quiet ones doing the community work.

Twitter may be frothing about w*b3 and the tao of DAO but for most of us, all we really want is a good set of stats, a large mug of coffee and to get through the report queue in one piece.

Keep on keeping on.
What’s the atomic unit of a vibe?
Derek Powazek
Two things:
1. Have we entirely forgotten that the early newsfeed was chronological? I guess so.
2. Whenever a FB report says algorithmic feeds are better, they mean better for advertisers, not you.
sometimes I wonder if we're barely grasping the long term mental health effects of being plugged 24/7 into social media.

and now with the advent of Web 3.0, a 24/7 financial system.

I'm excited for the prospects but at the same time, concerned - can we have rest by design?
To reduce targeted dislike attacks & their impact on creators (esp on smaller creators), you’ll no longer see a public dislike *count* on YouTube starting today (the dislike button is staying).

This comes after lots of research, testing & consideration →
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