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This week in community building — Issue 109

This week in community building — Issue 109
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #11 • View online
🌤 Hello! Another week! Another weekly dive! And I’m mixing it up a bit!

Every week I’ll start these posts with a write up of what I’ve been up to. Think of this like a mini learning in public accountability post. (🙏🏽 Tell me if you like it, or not!)
My life has edged towards teaching. I don’t think I ever considered myself the teacher type, I avoided it for 40 years, but hey, here I am. I’m finding and stumbling my way through learning, talking and teaching of community building. And I love it. ❤️
Last week, through Orbit we hosted a week long Community Sprint where we focused on ideas around ‘starting community’. Links of recordings and the Miro board are currently available in the Orbit Discord. I loved it, the ideas and content it generated have gotten me buzzing, but I’m also wiped out. 
This week in Rosieland I’m diving into building profitable and sustainable communities. I have lots of experience and trending thoughts on business x community that I’d love to share. Come along!
Erin and I have almost had a fight over whose account to share a meme on (a partially true story), so instead, we decided to create a Community Meme Twitter account. I’m inspired by how much we could teach about community through memes.
I’m loving all the things I’m working on at the moment. Through all the work I’m doing there as so many ideas flying around. Things I’ve half spoken about, or half shared. My writing habit has slipped a bit, but I feel I’m making up for it in other places. I also realize I need to step things up to create more permanent references and resources to things I’ve spoken about a number of times.
This is what is top of mind for me right now. Of course, I’m doing much of this already on and on the Notion resource we have, however, I’m acutely aware that I don’t talk enough about it. This is the trap sometimes, I’m aware of it and need to find a balance that I’m happy with.
👀 Thanks for reading! 
🌈 This week in community
(FYI - all these resources get added to our Discord and to the Community Notion).
🎙 Podcast 390: Web3 won’t save us — The Overflow
🤗 Care is not an infinite scroll — New Public
🔭 The Community Discovery Framework — The Observatory
💆🏽‍♀️ Community-Led Growth Nirvana — Femstreet
🖐 Let’s vote on it — Seth Godin
🗞 News
🐦 Tweets
Andrew Claremont 🇨🇦
Give me a metaverse built on open protocols, shared standards, equitable access, and interoperability.
I am once again asking for you to stop conflating community and marketing.
Rosie Sherry 🐌 #100DaysOfCommunity
Before the internet we had community.

In Web 1 - we had community

In Web 2 - we have community

In Web 3 - it's still community.

In Web 4 - it will still be community.

Some things and tech change, but it's still community people!
Steph Smith
People often use "bonding" or "morale" as excuses to retain unproductive calls.

If connection is your goal, design time specifically for that.

Literally schedule an optional weekly call just for fun.

And then get rid of the rest that doesn't solve for an explicit goal.
Mathilde Leo 🦁
Creators running communities are busy people! Often single-handedly building, hosting, planning, launching new things.

If you feel like there's too much to juggle to drive real results...think twice!

Try picking one of these community-building low-hanging fruits 🧵

Andrew Claremont 🇨🇦
“It was a coming-out party of sorts for the NFT community, which was born online and has only recently started to experiment with offline fun.”

A look at, via @NYTimes:
Rosie Sherry 🐌 #100DaysOfCommunity
Today I spoke about Community Flywheels today for the @beondeck Community Building Cohort.

I'm trying to refine my thinking on how to use flywheels to build and grow communities.

They are similar to business and growth flywheels, but they have core differences too.

The Jiho🦇🔊
My talk at NFT NYC got cut short. Was able to hit most of the important points.

Wanted to share this which was my last slide.
Max Rothery
Does anyone have tips for onboarding new community managers into your team?

Week 1 activities?
Member interviews?
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This week in community building — Issue 109
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