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This week in community building — Issue 108

This week in community building — Issue 108
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #8 • View online
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From nesting to networking: forms of decentralization according to Nathan Schneider
…we had been using the term “community” when we talked about transformative justice, but we found that, not surprisingly, many people do not feel connected to a “community” and, even more so, most people did not know what “community” meant or had wildly different definitions and understandings of “community.” 
😔 We don’t often talk about how a paper’s collapse makes people feel: less connected, more alone.
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DAO or a regular online community, mapping out contribution zones and designing community experiences accordingly is golden.

I get asked this question a lot so:

Here's the exact process I would follow if I just got hired to lead community for a new company...🧵
Luke Edwards
Love this article on the digital ministry of @nerdpastornate who is building a digital faith community on Discord.
Erin Mikail Staples 🧜🏼‍♀️ #100DaysOfCommunity
“The right questions create the right experience”

Such a good read on how many industries can improve with a community mindset, just by being a little more human.✨

I did it! I published my first blog post on @Medium

Want some quick tips on implementing Onboarding in your Community? Check it out :)

If anything, you'll enjoy my humor because ✨personality✨

Special shout outs to @OrbitModel and @gotolstoy
Li Jin
NFT collections would do well to learn from Legos (the toy bricks) 🧱

Here’s why:
Maximum Derek
I love this piece dissembling the Facebook metaverse nonsense, but even it is still giving Zuckerberg too much credit, taking the concept too seriously.
Ian Vanagas
Communities should leverage their collective capacity to negoitate deals with companies they are customers of individually. Proves their strength, improves cohesion, benefits everyone.
georgie carroll
way too many brands forget that the key word in brand community is “community”. just like in traditional fan spaces, attempts to capitalise on your target market will ultimately backfire.
Community advocacy as next-generation leadership.

Advocacy: public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
Rosie Scary 🐌 #100DaysOfCommunity
👎 How it was:

Competition drives innovation

👍 How it is:

Community drives innovation
Evan Hamilton
I wrote a strategy document in 2 hours this morning. I'm no genius - I'm able to move fast because of years of perfecting my approach. Here's my process for being able to move fast on things like this:
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