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This week in community building — Issue 107

This week in community building — Issue 107
By Rosie Sherry • Issue #7 • View online

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A thriving Discord community has become an essential part of the game dev toolkit—especially for small independent games and busy community managers.
There are four c-words that have become very problematic: content, culture, community, and creator.
Building “a community that provides content to creators to champion the culture” is nice alliteration, but it’s not an idea. It’s word salad.
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Rosie Scary 🐌 #100DaysOfCommunity
When they're "community-led" but their community team reports to marketing.

Max Rothery
Marketing: Convince them to buy.

Community: Help them succeed.
Matthias Gabriel
Web3 may radically change community dynamics.

This begs the question: can web3 communities even be called „communities“?

Here’s what I learned from @rosiesherry and @corycachola:
Anil Dash
Is there a shorthand or sociological term for when allowing the bad actors to persist in a community starts to chase out the positive community members?
We are witnessing the shift from UGC (User Generated Content) to UOC (User Owner Content)
Deborah Okenla
There is a difference between cliques and communities. Too many cliques in the startup ecosystem these days. Sigh 😔
Community Coach Carmen
“In order to stand out, we have to know what we stand for” - Simon Sinek. Apply this principle to your community. It’s your “why”.
Taron Foxworth
Yes, find your community. However, you should also intentionally seek education from outside communities.
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