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What's the point of inventing new technologies?

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  1. Technologies that I’m learning in 2022 (video)
  2. Apple AirTags are being used to steal high-end cars (video)
  3. How the world would look like in 2022 (1922 newspaper)
  4. Wasp 3D-prints eco-homes from local raw earth for $1K
  5. Elisabeth Holmes found guilty of 4 charges of fraud. See How did clinical chemists respond to Elisabeth Holmes explanations
  6. Linus defends Apple’s $1,000 monitor stand
  7. Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin, and Lex Fridman in conversation
  8. How programmers make sure that their software is correct
  9. is shutting down
  10. How I build
  11. Inside psychogenic death, the phenomenon of “thinking” yourself to death
  12. What is the point of imagining new technologies without new ways of living?
  13. The Italian Electrical Scientist Who (May Have) Inspired Frankenstein
  14. Stars may form 10 times faster than thought
  15. How do you have fun without alcohol?
  16. You do not need a mentor. Find a nemesis instead.
  17. How to design a house to last for 1000 years
  18. Collection of best paper awards for 30 computer science conferences since 1996
  19. Drone carrying a defibrillator saves its first heart attack patient in Sweden
  20. Crypto: the good, the bad and the ugly
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Logic VS  Imagination #Shorts
Logic VS Imagination #Shorts
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