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🫀something new is impossible, but different interpretations matter

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  1. Will designers be replaced by robots?
  2. First detected merger of black hole and neutron star
  3. Turritopsis dohrnii aka the Immortal Jellyfish.
  4. Vertical Walking is a new system to move yourself between floors in a building. By exploiting the potential of the human body and materials, only a fraction of effort is required, compared to taking stairs. No external energy is needed.
  5. How smart were early Humans?
  6. While I was working on my last video, I found this - Is “Courage the Cowardly Dog” based on a True Story?
  7. Japan in the 70s part 1 and part 2.
  8. A video game that looks like reality.
  9. British army on LSD.
  10. A History of Philosophy | 61 Whitehead’s Process Philosophy
  11. The Sounds of Space: A sonic adventure to other worlds
  12. Artificial Intelligence is enabling a new generation of artists to create bold, fascinating art. But the comapnies powering it don’t seem to care.
  13. Artists can flourish after brain damage. What does this say about neurology and aesthetics?
  14. How a self-taught autistic artist mines creativity from life’s endless variations
  15. VR Productivity In (or Above) a WFA World
Tweets for thought 🐦
Yorick 📖
@david_perell It might be near impossible for us to say something new (given how much has been said), but a different interpretation of the same idea could make all the difference.
Daniyal Jafree
Say hi to @hip_ct: 3D imaging intact human tissues down to cellular resolution (see this 🧠 👇) now in @naturemethods:

Excited to play a small part in this fab work by @Claire_L_Walsh, Prof Peter Lee & many others at @CABI_UCL, @esrfsynchrotron + beyond
Mark William | Facebook Ads King
2 threads that talk about how to research:

#1: What & Where to Research

#2: How We Do Research For New Clients
Latino Bodybuilders for Hellenism
What Yoorop is this? Do they mean Minsk? In most West European countries you can get top quality primary ingredients for food in supermarket, GMO's and atrazine are banned so food is actually not poison like in New World...west Euro cities are clean and safe, also no shortages
Tim Ferriss
For people who are actually investing a large % of their own capital -- what do you consider the current best hedges/investments against inflation? Please only reply if you have at least 10-20% of your net worth in your answer. Thanks! #convictioncheck
Nathan Young (3/100 forecasting questions written)
AI art is so weird but good. This is an image of nothing, but I think it's pretty clear what it evokes.

If you had to sum up this image what would you say?
latest YouTube video
Plato’s Republic, Allegory of the Cave, and Theory of The Forms have been instrumental to the foundation of modern philosophy. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave of the Western World still makes him relevant today.
Is Plato still relevant?
Is Plato still relevant?
Visual Theory
Here’s the evolution of one of my side projects — Visual Theory. I am re-learning how to see. Check the project on Instagram.
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