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Long Form
Tesla vs Edison (43 min.)
Take in more, consume less, recycle everything; book-keep all hidden costs; find out where you have been set down; lobby for a smaller market; get rid of your car and travel as widely as you can (yeah, walk: what the hell); try to say a little more than you mean; carry a pocket encyclopedia (ask for one without packaging) and when the entry on “Diffusion Constant” says, “for more information, see ‘Pastry War,‘” see “Pastry War.”
Tweets for thought 🐦
Julian Shapiro
Elon Musk is on record that he makes decisions using the same technique as Jeff Bezos.

I found YouTube videos of them explaining it.

A thread on thinking more clearly:
Alexey Guzey
we should be spending 1h/day specifically training to resist hyperpalatable food; learning how to mourn and heal after the death of a loved one instead of getting depression; how to negotiate and do politics
Alfonso Poza
@disclosetv Hacking Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. 5% down in the stock market. 150 million revenue lost every hour they are offline.
Dan Nguyen (everyone you love decomposing to bones
omg turns out I wasn't completely bullshitting all the times when I fussed to students that "file not found" would be their most common and soul-destroying "bug" when trying to learn programming
latest YouTube video
How Using Peripheral Vision Improved My Productivity
How Using Peripheral Vision Improved My Productivity
Visual Theory
Here’s the evolution of one of my side projects — Visual Theory. I am re-learning how to see.
➜ You can follow the project on 🐦 Twitter & 📷 Instagram
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— Robert
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