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  1. Someone added ‘googling’ as a skill on CV, landed an interview. See viral tweet
  2. Why streaming services keep partnering with wireless carriers
  3. The Most Popular Posts on Facebook are Plagiarized — An interesting dive into how much is plagiarized on Facebook. It’s a shame Facebook doesn’t do anything about it as I still think Facebook could be a great hub for content, like YouTube, but they’re not even close.
  4. Framework Laptop — A laptop that’s designed to be upgradable and fixable. Very neat idea. Only US and Canada for now but looking forward to it coming to the rest of the world.
  5. Why does it cost so much to build things in America?
  6. (5 years ago) Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media.
  7. Google’s New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping
  8. Informant — A Mac app that can show you more info about any selected file.
  9. How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body 
  10. Latent Inhibition as a Biological Basis of Creative Capacity in Individuals Aged Nine to 12 
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It’s funny how there is so much focus on liberal arts

But how many people can read music or play an instrument or draw or anything seriously artistic compared to past generations
Richard D. Bartlett
I'm watching Elon do a technical interview about one of his rocket factories and he seems so extremely smart and so convinced humans can live on Mars and I don't know how those two things can coexist
latest YouTube video
How Using Peripheral Vision Improved My Productivity
How Using Peripheral Vision Improved My Productivity
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