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  1. Myth of the lone villain
  2. Hear rare interviews with former slaves recorded in the early 1900’s + an interview with Rebecca Latimer - 94yrs old born 1835 US Senator & Slave owner - Colorized and Enhanced 
  3. Hangover pill” goes on sale in UK – but here’s the problem 
  4. Parasitoid wasps
  5. AI makes a music video and the results are astonishing
  6. Nick Land On Accelerationism 
  7. Kali Yuga Accelerationism and The Metaphysics of Chan Culture
  8. Preserved baby woolly mammoth revealed
  9. Apps that let you help scientists do research
  10. Binaural beats are getting better
  11. Paris 1920s in color [60fps, Remastered] w/added sound
  12. Inside the new right, where Peter Thiel is placing his biggest bets
  13. Curtis Yarvin says provocative things to prove that he is free
  14. The world needs uncles, too
  15. The lost art of looking at nature
  16. Improvisation and the quantum of consciousness
  17. The art of rational improvisation
  18. 24 charts that show we’re (mostly) living better than our parents
  19. The usefulness of photography
  20. Anatomy of a graph mind
YouTube essays
How to "Google It" like a Content Creator
How to "Google It" like a Content Creator
tweets for thought
Visual Theory
Progress is oftentimes linked to an attitude shift. It’s about competing to be innovative and not always right. It’s about looking at age-old processes, activities, and tasks and then ask ourselves: Why do I do it this way? https://t.co/GES74gK4kA
Zero HP Lovecraft 🦅🐍
If you go go a beautiful place— an island, a desert, a mountain— you will see poetry all around you, and you have only to transcribe it

All science, art, and religion begins with a man alone in nature. The earth is holy writ
Ben Meer
The best Twitter threads from the first half of 2022 🧵
The NFT Lawyer on YouTube
The most important lawsuit in the NFT space to date has been filed by @yugalabs against @ryder_ripps. In this video, I break down the claims and the defenses. #nft #nfts #web3 #boredapeyachtclub #yugalabs #boredape #trademarks #iplaw #firstamendment. https://t.co/Q0lgO8vrBb
war evolution 🇺🇦
Where once the main sources of wealth were material assets such as gold mines, wheat fields and oil wells, today the main source of wealth is knowledge. And whereas you can seize oil fields by force, you cannot acquire knowledge that way. The profitability of conquest has declined as a result.
Evan Gershkovich
I tried to capture the mood in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where Russians are enjoying the summer and shutting out the war. “Of course you go drink and unwind because if you go out with a banner you won’t relax for another two years at least.”
Javier Blas
REFINERY TO THE WORLD: US exports of refined petroleum products surged last week to an all-time high of 6.96 million barrels per day, per @EIAgov data | #OOTT https://t.co/DiujckRrGW
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Disclaimer: There is no such thing as unbiased news. You can call it “less biased news”. There are numerous other biases that can influence news reporting too.
Overt political bias is probably the least concerning aspect of a democracy because it is simple to identify and weigh. 
The more concerning biases in news reporting today are those that are more subtle, such as financial incentives and self-censorship of topics. Many topics are simply not covered, and the mainstream media does not question why. 
Feel free to send me counter-propaganda too.
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