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fw: spiders are much smarter than you think

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  1. Freeman Dyson: A ‘Rebel’ Without a Ph.D.
  2. A plot of digital land just sold for $2.3 million on Axie Infinity, as the real-estate race heats up across the metaverse
  3. What if a massive solar storm hits the Earth?
  4. What happens when prisoners started vaping?
  5. OpenAI GPT-3 Now Open to Public
  6. The Simulation Hypothesis is Pseudoscience. Nice to keep an open eye. Here are my notes. Trying to keep these as up-to-date as I can. The SM is replacing religion at some level.
  7. The Tragic Tale of Notch (Markus Persson, Minecraft). Minecraft wouldn’t be the same without Notch. Well, mainly because he created it. In the beginning, Notch was considered a god, but after cashing out of Minecraft in a $2.5 billion dollar deal with Microsoft, the expectation of life following such might have been happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction, however, the reality for Notch ended up being quite the opposite. 
  8. editing an instagram photo like it’s 2012
  9. Uber is entering the cannabis market
  10. Belgium records Europe’s first case of the new coronavirus variant - Omicron - spreading in southern Africa
  11. The oldest jewelry on record
  12. How Pinterest utterly ruined photo search on the internet
  13. How to Build a Low-tech Website?
  14. Why Tokyo works 
  15. Spiders are much smarter than you think
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Is Plato still relevant?
Is Plato still relevant?
Visual Theory 🐦
I just launched Best of Twitter Weekly, a place where I share tweets from some great super-genius for the ages:
- growth strategies
- philosophy
- mental models
- rationalism
- tech, and various research
This is a medium where I am planning to curate tweets. I also met a handful of interesting people via Twitter, and this is one more reason I started this micro-project.
How Twitter made me a better scientist. (link)
Is surfing the internet dead? (link)
Here’s the evolution of this side project — Visual Theory. I am re-learning how to see.
➜ You can follow the project on 🐦 Twitter & 📷 Instagram
➜ you can also contribute an idea!
Thank you for reading!
How’re you and yours doing this week? Any major changes to your status quo, or are things fairly locked-in and predictable at the moment? I respond to every email I get—consider sending me a message and telling me a bit about yourself and what’s been up in your world.
— Robert
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