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fw:🫀self-assembling space megastructures and advice for young people

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  1. Wanted: ‘Lost Einsteins.’ Please apply.
  2. Ariel Ekblaw: Space Colonization and Self-Assembling Space Megastructures | Lex Fridman Podcast #271
  3. The surprising benefits of gaming
  4. Advice for young people: Life is longer than you think
  5. I graduated from a coding bootcamp. Was it worth it?
  6. What I learned from building websites after a 10-year freelancing hiatus
  7. Biology thought experiment: walking around the cell
  8. If you could design your child, how would you dole out IQ, EQ, and grit?
  9. Twitter to start testing long-awaited edit feature in coming months
  10. How and why to keep a “Cmmonplace Book
  11. Japanese robot can peel bananas cleanly, most of the time
  12. Can mold cause headaches?
  13. The best way to organize your files and folders
  14. Microplastics Detected in Human Blood in New Study
  15. The risk of discovery
  16. My new Home Screen Wallpaper (and a framework for approaching big-picture life goals)
  17. Ikkyū
  18. Xenopsychology
  19. The decoy effect: how you are influenced to choose without really knowing it
  20. Joseph Pulitzer
How to read higher quality ~ b o o k s  📚

…when 90% of everything else is crap

an illustrated essay

t h r e a d 👇
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How to read higher quality books
How to read higher quality books
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