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  1. Anti-realism
  2. Utilitarianism
  3. Google Trends Ukraine VS Johnny Depp
  4. Normative ethics
  5. Why do you waste so much time on the internet?
  6. Skiff Mail: end-to-end encrypted email that protects your inbox and gives you the power to communicate freely.
  7. Buridan’s ass 
  8. Shifting the impossible to the inevitable: How can we enable more science fiction to become reality? This piece is intended for five types of readers. Selecting a persona will create a “guided tour” for that persona, highlighting the sections that are hopefully of most interest and value.
  9. Comparison: the most expensive materials
  10. Philosophy for children
  11. Metamodernism
  12. Leopold and Loeb
  13. Searching for outliers
  14. Are there any medical explanations for why Rasputin took so long to die and was so difficult to kill?
  15. Google interview warmup
Essay I’m re-reading: Quit Your Job
Working even a good job cramps your sense of possibility, imposes narrow objectives, and eats away at the little things that could grow into big things if they weren’t so oppressed by the rigors of existing structure. I’ve seen this with my friends, in how they are full of ideas and adventurous spirit a few months after I convince them to quit their jobs. The world is full of ideas and opportunities to explore, but it takes time outside of structure to even adjust your eyes to the landscape of possibility. You are cramped by your job, unable to make the class of investments that is necessary for a life beyond the existing tracks.
If your role in the universe is structured work within order found and built by someone else, those off-road investments are pointless. This conventional work is usually more immediately valuable than anything you could do on your own and it does not require much open-ended exploratory leisure. This efficient pursuit of predictable value is the quiet dignity of the mass of working people. But if we are to solve the bigger structural, spiritual, and intellectual problems which aren’t addressed by existing institutions, someone needs to be exploring off of the established road, where there is a high probability of failing to accomplish anything at all, and a significant probability of discovering and exploiting the next big breakthroughs.
This is part of why we need an active leisure class in society. Productive exploration requires the application of skilled personal judgment to chasing hunches and interesting problems without narrow material and objective constraints. It is generally unfair and wasteful for this to be anything but voluntarily self-funded, though some well-designed research institutions can effectively simulate productive leisure and accelerate the exploration process. Thus, speculative exploration is a special duty of those with means.
Relatedly, it’s unfair and wasteful for the people who could be out there exploring and building the future on their own dime to be either working normal jobs or simply managing their money for profit. This is a key part of what it means to be a responsible elite. You use your privilege and your personal judgment to explore and solve problems that no one else can.
Ukraine is entering the next 100 days of war without the same online attention it had going into the first 100, according to exclusive NewsWhip data.

As attention wanes, so will the pressure on leaders to help Ukraine and punish Russia.
Venkatesh Rao
Sometimes I suspect we only buy 3 things above basic necessities:

The rich mostly buy the belief that the world makes sense

The middle class mostly buys procedural illusions of agency

The poor mostly buy pain relief

Belief pills, agency pills, pain pills
The occupier pretended to be dead during the explosion. "Performance" caught on video.
YouTube video archives
a playlist for night studying (modal jazz)
a playlist for night studying (modal jazz)
war materials 🇺🇦
Where once the main sources of wealth were material assets such as gold mines, wheat fields and oil wells, today the main source of wealth is knowledge. And whereas you can seize oil fields by force, you cannot acquire knowledge that way. The profitability of conquest has declined as a result.
🇺🇦 You can donate to support the people in Ukraine.
All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.
Disclaimer: There is no such thing as unbiased news. You can call it “less biased news”. There are numerous other biases that can influence news reporting too.
Overt political bias is probably the least concerning aspect of a democracy because it is simple to identify and weigh. 
The more concerning biases in news reporting today are those that are more subtle, such as financial incentives and self-censorship of topics. Many topics are simply not covered, and the mainstream media does not question why.
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