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fw🫀: I’ve never had a goal

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  1. Web5… The Web3 Killer?
  2. Autizmophrenia: The Ultimate Neurodivergence
  3. so you’re having an existential crisis
  4. How did the Soviets React to the Moon Landings? (Short Animated Documentary)
  5. I’ve never had a goal
  6. Most children of smart parents will be pretty ordinary
  7. Local realism
  8. Bertram Forer
  9. Barnum effect
  10. The Interface Theory of Perception
  11. Does questioning reality lead you to madness? | Donald Hoffman and Lex Fridman & Is Donald Hoffman’s interface theory of perception true?
  12. eesel: Find any doc, create new ones, and follow your teammates’ projects. All from your new tab.
  13. Quantum RAM Potentially Unlocked With Time Crystals + Physicists link two-time crystals in seemingly impossible experiment
  14. How many worlds would you need to mine in order to make a complete Dyson’s sphere?
  15. Glimpse the Future with Peter Zeihan - Strategist, Thinker, Futurist, Speaker
  16. Avoidant personality disorder
  17. The Restless Consumer and the Humble Maker
  18. I bet you’ve never seen anyone play ukulele like this
  19. groovy house mix on a boat in Copenhagen
  20. How Tom Scott makes videos
latest YouTube video
Bill Gates Gave This Book to 4 million Students in the U.S.
Bill Gates Gave This Book to 4 million Students in the U.S.
tweets for thought
Visual Theory
The 4-6 Minute Rule is one of my ridiculously simple life hacks
Julian Shapiro
Call your parents via Zoom and record it ❤️

Ask them to recount their childhood, major life events, and their passions.

Essentially, record a podcast interview of their life.

You’ll be so glad you have this when they’re no longer here.

It really beats just having photos.
Julian Shapiro
One of the most important images I've seen.

The difference between happiness, meaning, and true psychological richness.

From research by @ErinWestgate
Visual Theory
How to get faster at doing things in the digital era
war 🇺🇦
Where once the main sources of wealth were material assets such as gold mines, wheat fields and oil wells, today the main source of wealth is knowledge. And whereas you can seize oil fields by force, you cannot acquire knowledge that way. The profitability of conquest has declined as a result.
🇺🇦 You can donate to support the people in Ukraine.
All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.
Disclaimer: There is no such thing as unbiased news. You can call it “less biased news”. There are numerous other biases that can influence news reporting too.
Overt political bias is probably the least concerning aspect of a democracy because it is simple to identify and weigh. 
The more concerning biases in news reporting today are those that are more subtle, such as financial incentives and self-censorship of topics. Many topics are simply not covered, and the mainstream media does not question why.
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