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  1. Visualizing the speed of light & sound
  2. Hardcore History - EP17 Engineering Victory with Elon
  3. Age before beauty Q&A - “Examining the False Dichotomy of Lifespan Versus Healthspan
  4. How does laser eye surgery work?
  5. Spider-Man 2 - Behind the Scenes: Doc Ock’s Arms
  6. MIT Talk - Steve Jobs President & CEO, NeXT Computer Corp, and Apple
  7. Girl Born Old, Grows Younger With Time
  8. Nvidia Omniverse vs Facebook Metaverse
  9. How cocaine trafficking actually works
  10. EU squeezes gig economy - welcome to the policy
  11. Mainstream AR glasses are still years away 
  12. Google exec on company’s privacy philosophy: ‘FLoC will evolve – there will be other birds’
  13. Unlearning What Toyota Taught Us - EV startups, notably Tesla, have ripped Toyota’s game plan to shreds. They’re moving at lightning speed, taking daring steps with new technology, and breaking the old business models.
  14. Excel esports
  15. Scan of the month - Apple Airpods Evolution
  16. A book with a hundred UI/UX tips
  17. Ancient romans and toilet management
  18. The best books on data visualization
  19. A modern UI for Wikipedia
  20. A man shoots at birds all day to keep them off a toxic pit
  21. From Construction to Teaching: Seven Writers On Their Day Jobs
  22. Tacit knowledge versus deliberate practice
  23. Learn X in Y minutes
  24. Watch Crypto expert explain the Blockchain to Congress
  25. Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí really works
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Is Plato still relevant?
Is Plato still relevant?
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