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1. Never Trust a Number - They’re shortcuts to understanding, and there are no shortcuts via Fake Journal Club: Teaching Critical Reading
Always check where your data came from and why it’s organized that way (the “metadata,” or data about the data). In fact, the exact data often doesn’t matter – what really matters is the metadata. I spend at least as much time thinking about where the data came from, how it was gathered, potential ways it could have been corrupted or misinterpreted, and how it’s organized and labeled as I do about the numbers themselves.
2. Before Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy. And nearly 100 years after he first appeared onscreen, we’re still learning from him. You can check Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag and Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu is “Fake” and That’s Okay
3. Personality Traits of Special Forces Operators: Comparing Commandos, Candidates, and Controls
4. Artificial neural networks today are not conscious, according to Douglas Hofstadter
5. The Good Thing About Hard Things: Here’s the hard thing about easy things: if everyone can do something, there’s no advantage to doing it, but you still have to do it anyway just to keep up.
When everyone has the same plug-and-play tools, the profit flows away from the rebels, and towards the arms dealers, forcing rebels to devise new guerilla tactics to take back profits.
6. People who criticize “utilitarianism” are often actually criticizing something quite different, like coldness or expediency.
7. Pissing Blood: The Ketamine Time Bomb - apparently ketamine is now the fourth drug of choice for young people behind cannabis, ecstasy, and cocaine. You can briefly check Brain Changes Associated With Long-Term Ketamine Abuse, A Systematic Review // also, do your own research as I am simply outlining the worst.
8. Lex Fridman Library: this is a library of book recommendations of all guests of the Lex Fridman Podcast
9. Of all of the “dangers of AI” papers, this is most worrying: AI researchers building a tool to find new drugs to save lives realized it could do the opposite, generating new chemical warfare agents. Within 6 hours it invented deadly VX… and worse things
11. Sexual fetishes on the political compass, men and women.
All I knew
And all I believed
Are crumbling images
That no longer comfort me
14. What happened to the future? And what does it mean to be contrarian? It does not mean simply doing the opposite of what the majority does – that’s just consensus thinking by a different guise, a minus sign before the conventional wisdom. The problems of reactive contrarianism are the same as those of following the herd. The most contrarian thing to do is to think independently.
15. Russia says it will quit the International Space Station after 2024. That’s a shame.
There’s been some fundamental change in the nature of aging, or of all of these roles, that either increases the relative importance of experience or reduces some of the costs of aging.
Get in the habit of Fermi estimation, looking up key quantities, and using upper and lower bounds. I’ve noticed a lot of the smartest people I know do this: they don’t take any claims at face value, and check for themselves whether they’re plausible. This means, e.g. when they hear a fact, they’ll look it up to assure themselves that it’s true, because often people cite things that are false or partial.
18. How influencers become brainwashed by their audiences
20. usethekeyboard.com: a collection of keyboard shortcuts for Mac apps, Windows programs, and websites.
YouTube essays
Use peripheral vision to improve your productivity
Use peripheral vision to improve your productivity
tweets for thought
Joe Barnard 🚀
I started https://t.co/vCxsyQYHo2 almost 7 years ago in the fall of 2015 with the goal to propulsively land a model rocket. I had no background in aero, EE, coding, etc so it took a lot of trial and error, but today I finally stuck the landing 🚀🎉 https://t.co/z3MZfqQWxc
🧠Slava Bobrov
Two brain cells are sensing each other. And trying to connect:

#neuroscience by Lila Landowski https://t.co/WnwfNaplMn
We need more people wanting to become immortal.
Patrick Ryan
we are at the tail end of this "techno economic paradigm" in @CarlotaPrzPerez 's framework.

VC returns in software will decline.

What's the next boom? I think it might be synthetic biology, sparked by CRISPR and fueled by advances in computing (esp. AI) gained in the last boom. https://t.co/GCDy00Sdlr
YYYY-MM-DD is the only correct date format.

* It's an ISO standard: https://t.co/n3wKGrNuMH
* It's unambiguous (is 03/05/22 March 5 or May 3? No such problem here!)
* General-purpose sorting sorts dates correctly
* East Asian countries like Japan 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 use it ("2022年5月3日") https://t.co/zDIo4Cbuuj
Owain Evans
AI companies are confusing:
1. DeepMind is actually part of Google, which also has its own huge DL group (Google Brain) & many other AI researchers.
2. OpenAI was open and non-profit but is now closed and mostly for-profit (w/ major funding from Microsoft)
G Young its the F**kin’ Catalina Wine Mixer
Let’s blame centuries of 3rd world exploitation and child abuse on an industry that only started operating at scale in the last few years

Let’s NOT blame it on capitalism, western imperialism, greed and just plain evil

Nope none of that, it’s definitely the electric cars🤦‍♂️🙄😒 https://t.co/oaFh5lGEH9
Jazz Emu
Receiving A Call When You’re Already On A Call https://t.co/pKbHZWLOj9
易富贤YI Fuxian
Recently leaked China's population data confirm my estimates: births began to decline in 1991, with no peak in 2004 or 2011; Population is now less than 1.28 billion, not the official 1.41 billion; Population began to shrink in 2018, not 2031 as officially predicted. https://t.co/xCge7cTRFS
易富贤YI Fuxian
Leaked population data portends China's bleak economic prospects, while its leaders hiding in information cocoon are naively believing “East is rising & West declining”. India overtook China as most populous country in 2014 and could overtake USA as largest economy in the future. https://t.co/YtskqYFq5g
Billionaire Psycho
Something very strange is happening in this video.

Pretend Communists are paying to purchase ice cream that simulates murder of America's richest men.

Business celebrities, sacrificed as Girardin scapegoats to an envious, resentful mob.

Customers spend money to "rebel". https://t.co/sd43FGT6UI
Dr Sarah Taber
More wheat stats.

My personal favorite Misleading Wheat Stat is "Ukraine/Russia grow 25% of world wheat exports."

Why's it misleading? It's technically true, but doesn't mean what people think!

Missing wheat from the war is actually less than 1% of global wheat crop!
Darth Putin
The hard part about doing propaganda is that the past changes so quickly you have no idea what will happen yesterday.

Leading military analyst @caitoz deserves your sympathies https://t.co/2GmghImAXf
Darth Putin
Day 154 of my 3 day war. 40,000 of my soldiers are now dead.

I remain a master strategist.
Lex Fridman
War is hell. I keep thinking about the cold ruthlessness of a rocket tearing through the air toward a building full of human beings who have only a few seconds left to live. That one rocket creates suffering and hatred in the hearts of thousands for many years to come.
war materials 🇺🇦
Where once the main sources of wealth were material assets such as gold mines, wheat fields and oil wells, today the main source of wealth is knowledge. And whereas you can seize oil fields by force, you cannot acquire knowledge that way. The profitability of conquest has declined as a result.
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