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evolution from ape to man🫀 by Robert

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  1. Bangkok After Midnight - Raw and Unfiltered
  2. 1960 Live Colored Televisions Broadcast Of Mary Martin’s Musical Peter Pan
  3. Inside the Daily Life of a Live Streaming Star in China | Op-Docs
  4. Evolution from ape to man. From Proconsul to Homo heidelbergensis.
  5. What Happened Before History? Human Origins
  6. True Limits of Humanity – The Final Border We Will Never Cross
  7. Meaning of Life | Alex Filippenko and Lex Fridman
  8. The German Idea of [“Hate Days”]
  9. Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners (paper)
  10. Metaverse! Metaverse? Metaverse!!
  11. The death of the newsfeed.
  12. Apple’s new AirPods ad. Notice how the sounds fit together.
  13. Facebook plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report.
  14. Speed matters +
  15. Reflections on a decade of coding.
Tweets for thought 🐦
Steph Smith
I made a list of tech buzzwords, so you don't have to:

creator economy
Uber for ______
future of ______
content creation
Tesla of ______
product-led growth

What's missing?
Learn programming by playing games 🎮

➳ Unfold
➳ Screeps
➳ Check IO
➳ CSS diner
➳ Untrusted
➳ Cyber-dojo
➳ Grid garden
➳ Ruby warrior
➳ Codecombat
➳ CodeMonkey
➳ Coding game
➳ Flexbox froggy
➳ Flexbox defense

Simply google these terms 😉
latest YouTube video
A Writing Inbox for Incomplete Notes
A Writing Inbox for Incomplete Notes
Visual Theory
Here’s the evolution of one of my side projects — Visual Theory. I am re-learning how to see. Check the project on Instagram.
➜ You can follow the project on 🐦 Twitter & 📷 Instagram
➜ you can also contribute an idea!
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How’re you and yours doing this week? Any major changes to your status quo, or are things fairly locked-in and predictable at the moment? I respond to every email I get—consider sending me a message and telling me a bit about yourself and what’s been up in your world.
— Robert
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