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This weekly newsletter presents you with articles on the modern mix of business and technology.

This weekly newsletter presents you with articles on the modern mix of business and technology.

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👔 State of Work: Business Lessons from Reid Hoffman, Storytelling by Pixar, Engineers at Goldman Sachs

A few articles on work: I really like the article about Reid Hoffman. The sixteen lessons are short but solid pieces of advice. Also, when Pixar teaches storytelling, we should listen. Finally, I included an article on tools to make sense of complex things.


🎧 State of Work: Jobs on Facebook, Online Courses & Music affects Productivity

Hi again! Another newsletter on the current state of work, divided into three categories: work, world and code & data. Enjoy!


🎓 State of Work: Green Buildings, Unsolved AI Problems & Data Resources

📖 Learn the key concepts of functional programming in this Medium series by Charles Scalfani.


🖥 State of Work: Validate Startup Ideas, Create Better Charts, Component-Based Design

👋 Hello, friends! The first month of the year is over: time to reflect on January and make plans for February!📋 In this issue: Validate Startup Ideas, Create Better Charts, Component-Based Design❤️ If you have been forwarded this newsletter, please subscribe!


🎁 State of Work: Design Sprints, Data Visualization & a Trump Tracker

🤓 The hottest javascript tools of 2016, ranked. Remains difficult to choose one.


💡 State of Work: Remote Work, Defining Projects & McKinsey on Robots

🤖 Robots will take over some jobs, but not as fast as some fear, according to research by McKinsey.💵 What do employees value more than salary? Culture and values, leadership and career opportunities.


✈️ State of Work: Selling Soft Skills, Start a Side Business & Non-Technical Machine Learning

⏱ Venture capitalist Fred Wilson wrote down what did and did not happen in 2016, mainly in the sector of technology. 📘 Here is a huge list on the machine learning industry, startups, and concepts, called The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning📈 This overv…


🎆 State of Work: Resources to Start an Awesome 2017

🚛 Uber will start focusing on logistics with its new service: Uber Freight. The interesting part? Uber acquired self-driving trucks startup Otto last August for ~$680 million.🇺🇸 The White House is thinking about the impact artificial intelligence will have on…


🚀 State of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Book Lists, Plans for 2017 & Psychology

📱 Backchannel published an elaborate article on how A.I. and machine learning is used at Apple. There is an Apple brain inside your iPhone and it consists of more than just Siri.📈 Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, is currently building s…


👋 Introducing State of Work: A Weekly Newsletter on the Modern Mix of Business & Technology!

📕 The Startup Playbook is a great set of guidelines on how to start your own business. And have you thought about your personal strategy for 2017?📔 Stumbled across this career guide for engineers and designers, with lots of inspiration for your career: Career…