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✈️ State of Work: Selling Soft Skills, Start a Side Business & Non-Technical Machine Learning


Robin Papa: State of Work

January 12 · Issue #4 · View online

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📋 This issue: Sell Your Soft Skills, Start a Side Business & Non-Technical Machine Learning.
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Market Insights
⏱ Venture capitalist Fred Wilson wrote down what did and did not happen in 2016, mainly in the sector of technology. 
📘 Here is a huge list on the machine learning industry, startups, and concepts, called The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning
📈 This overview shows which fields of Artifical Intelligence are being pursued by 226 startups in the United Kingdom.
Career & Personal Development
📝 How to write a painless product requirements document, so that the whole team knows the purpose, timeline, and criteria for what you are building.
🤓 A list of thirty things you can read, watch, listen to, or do to find the answer to “what to do with your life”. Maybe you don’t need this, but it’s still a nice list of resources for personal development 😉.
📝 Regarding your resume: how do you sell your soft skills, such as project management or problem-solving?
🚀 Crew lists the ten steps to starting a side business while working a full-time job
Notable Products
🖥 To create notable digital products, you need a product design team. Here is an overview of the best product design teams around and their websites full of resources, such as Facebook Design and Spotify UX.
🅰 What words work better online? It’s possible to check using the tools outlined in this article by Dropbox’ design team.
🖼 A Chrome and Firefox plugin shows how Facebook adds tags to images using image recognition.
End Note
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