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💡 State of Work: Remote Work, Defining Projects & McKinsey on Robots


Robin Papa: State of Work

January 19 · Issue #5 · View online

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📋 In this issue: Remote Work, Defining Projects & McKinsey on Robots
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Market Insights
🤖 Robots will take over some jobs, but not as fast as some fear, according to research by McKinsey.
💵 What do employees value more than salary? Culture and values, leadership and career opportunities
Career & Personal Development
⚒ StackShare published its Top 50 Developer Tools of 2016, sorted by categories such as data, business and utility tools.
🏖 Learn all the Remote Work terminology to help you on your journey to becoming a digital nomad!
✅ If you don’t finish then you’re just busy, not productive. I try to answer the following questions when I define a new project of myself:
“What is the minimal state of completion this project needs to reach for me to consider it a success and having been worth my time? If I cannot realistically commit to the amount of time required to bring the project to that state, am I better off putting my energy into finishing projects that I am currently working on?”
👓 The Zeigarnik effect says that “interrupted tasks are better remembered than completed ones.” 
🖥 Finally, I’d like to share my new personal website! It is currently functioning as a small resumé and portfolio and I will be updating it to improve how it shows my past work.
Notable Products
🎉 Slack introduced Threaded Messages, which enables you to respond to a conversation without interfering with the flow of the conversation.
End Note
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