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🚀 State of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Book Lists, Plans for 2017 & Psychology


Robin Papa: State of Work

December 29 · Issue #2 · View online

This weekly newsletter presents you with articles on the modern mix of business and technology.

This issue: lots of artificial intelligence, book lists, tools for planning in 2017 and psychology.
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Market Insights (with lots of A.I.)
📱 Backchannel published an elaborate article on how A.I. and machine learning is used at Apple. There is an Apple brain inside your iPhone and it consists of more than just Siri.
📈 Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, is currently building software to automate management tasks within the firm, including hiring, firing, and other strategic decision-making.
🤖 The New Yorker discusses the possibility that your job can be taken over by artificial intelligence: “Could someone become proficient by repeating the tasks you’ve already completed, in the way that a student might take practice tests to prepare for an exam? If so, then there’s a good chance that an algorithm may someday be able to learn to do much, or all, of your job.”
🚗 Tesla’s new radar technology detected an accident and enabled the brakes before the driver could.
Career & Personal Development
⌚️ The next year consists of 8760 hours. Alex Vermeer advises on how to get the most out of those hours in this revised guide. Start planning for a successful 2017.
🔨 Mikael Cho explains how it may be better to create more than we consume. It’s the foundation of this newsletter: instead of just reading something, I want to share the most interesting articles with you. 
📚 And, because this is the week of lists: The Mission picked its selection of the 10 best books of 2016. The Power of the Other and Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World are two books that caught my eye.
📖 MIT’s Technology Review made a similar list: The Best Books of 2016.
🙇 Want to learn something new in 2017? This web page has all the resources you need: Learn Something New.
😶 You can’t always trust your own thoughts and this chart by The Huffington Post shows why. This collection of cognitive biases was originally created by Slack product manager Buster Benson in this post.
🛫 Finally, some inspiration for your next trip or holiday! The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017 by Travel + Leisure.
Notable Products
🤓 Ever wanted to read a web page without distraction? Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images to read comfortably. 
✈️ This programmer wrote an open-source script to check for airline fares, notifying him when a ticket price hit a certain threshold. I really like these personal projects and the thinking behind it.
🎆 That’s it for 2016! 🎇 
Before I conclude: in the previous issue, I mentioned simulation theory. If this concept sparked your interest, here is a beautifully drawn cartoon that explains it very nicely!
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I want to thank you for reading and I hope you will continue doing so in 2017. I wish you a happy and successful new year! 👋 
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