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👋 Introducing State of Work: A Weekly Newsletter on the Modern Mix of Business & Technology!


Robin Papa: State of Work

December 23 · Issue #1 · View online

This weekly newsletter presents you with articles on the modern mix of business and technology.

This issue: study plans, a startup playbook, data & machine learning resources, career guides and some great business tools! 
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Career & Personal Development
📕 The Startup Playbook is a great set of guidelines on how to start your own business. And have you thought about your personal strategy for 2017?
📔 Stumbled across this career guide for engineers and designers, with lots of inspiration for your career: Career Notes for Engineers and Designers
📚 Dreaming of working at Google? John Washam wrote this extensive study plan to become a self-taught Google engineer.
Market Insights
🚀 Harvard Business Review states an oft-forgotten truth. You don’t need big data, you need the right data.
🏡 Learn how Airbnb uses machine learning to create algorithms that improve conversion rates. Very inspiring thinking!
⌚️ Wearing a luxury watch grants you access to some kind of grand order. Luckily, Eleven James rents out luxury watches on a subscription base, starting at $149 per month.
💟 Dating app Hinge distances itself from the Tinder “swiping culture” and moves towards being a find a relationship app
📈 I’ll leave you with an article on exponential growth and how to better predict the future. Thinking exponentially is a great way to come up with disrupting business ideas!
Notable Products
🖥 Metabase is an open source application that makes it very easy to create dashboards from databases. We’re using it to retrieve actionable insight from our company administration.
🎮 OpenAI released Universe, which allows you to train an AI agent to use a computer like a human does. Take a look at the launch blog post!
🤓 Model-Based Machine Learning is an early-access online book by John Winn and Christopher Bishop, that explains machine learning concepts in a refreshing way.
🗄 is a social network for data people, providing great sets of data, projects, educative topics and networking opportunities!
End Note
Any feedback on the first edition of this weekly email is greatly appreciated! Reach me at
I conclude with an article by The Guardian on the philosophical belief that we are currently living in a simulation. Elon Musk is a firm believer.
See you next week! 👋
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