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Your customers don't care about you.

Branding for Solopreneurs
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Your customers don’t care about you.
And they don’t care about your beloved product.
Which means selling your product doesn’t work.
Instead, you have to sell the result.
As humans, we strive to become better versions of ourselves.
…being happier, laughing more, looking nicer, performing better, getting smarter, gaining confidence, reducing fear, relieving stress.
• They don’t care about how your business got started…
• They don’t care about your accomplishments…
• They don’t care about your cool features…
Customers only care about what you can do for them.
“We must tell our customers how great their life can look if they buy our products and services” – Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand
🔶 Ask: How do you make your customers’ lives better?
Answer one of the questions below.
Which one hits the right pain point for your audience?
It must relate to the outcome they get from your product or service.
→ What status are you helping them attain?
→ What challenge are you helping them overcome?
→ What daily process are you helping them improve?
→ What internal problem are you helping them solve?
→ What philosophical conflict are you helping them get past?
🔶 Do: Clearly communicate this to your audience.
Get your message across clearly — on your website, in all of your marketing.
Tell your audience:
1. Exactly what you can do for them (i.e. your answer from the question above).
2. Your 3-step plan for helping them make this happen (4 is okay, 3 is better).
3. Where they will end up — what their success will look like.
4. Tell them exactly how they can buy from you or sign up for your service.
Oh, and remind them of the consequences of not taking action 😉
Of course…
You should absolutely show your testimonials, awards, certifications, and any other social proof to help your credibility…
But only what’s necessary.
Your message really needs to be about them.
See you next Tuesday,
🤖 Robert
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🤖 Robert Hacala
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