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This is Your Best Chance of Standing Out...

Branding for Solopreneurs
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Trying to appeal to everyone appeals to no one.
The more people you try to speak to, the weaker your message becomes.
Just ask any business owner or marketer…
Having a wider focus makes it harder to grow.
For a long time, I struggled with niching down.
Mainly because I:
  1. Didn’t know what niche to choose.
  2. Was afraid of pigeonholing myself.
  3. Was afraid of narrowing my potential audience.
So many hours…
Attempting so many things…
For whomever would listen.
I’ve called myself many things over the years.
First I was a Graphic Designer.
Then a Graphic and Identity Designer.
Then a Logo and Identity Designer.
Then just a Logo Designer.
Then I landed on Brand Designer for while…
Now, after all those years —
I’ve decided to dive head first into a narrower niche…
By writing this newsletter: Branding for Solopreneurs.
What I realized is…
Casting a wider net would NOT help me build an audience.
It would NOT allow me to find better clients or make more money.
Which means I had to narrow the playing field.
Here’s why niching down can be a huge benefit to your business growth…
The Riches Are in the Niches
Even though I like to pronounce it NEE-shiz not NIT-chiz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
😩 Avoid Burnout 
It’s way easier and cheaper to market ONE THING to ONE TARGET. Don’t spread yourself too thin, especially if you’re just starting out or in the early stages. Content creation and social media are hard enough as it is.
🧐 Cut the Competition
By choosing to go narrow, you’ll immediately cut out a large chunk of your competition. You’re then more likely to become the obvious choice for your dream clients.
🤓 Become the Go-To Expert
Working within constraints will speed up your creativity and innovation. When you create content for one specific category, that becomes your practice. You get to hone your skills and become the authority in your space.
😍 Gain Die-Hard Fans
When you do one thing and you’re super awesome at it, you’ll be able to grow a loyal following. You’ll end up having raging fans sharing your content, commenting on your posts, and telling all their friends about you.
🕺 Give Your Message Meaning
Writing to one avatar give you a deeper understanding of your clients and their pain points. Trying to write copy aimed at multiple types of people is impossible. Pick a lane and drive the shit out of it.
It’s important to remember…
You can always branch out later once you’ve built up a following.
How to Find a Narrower Niche
All you have to do is define it with more specifics.
Look for a more specific field, channel, demographic, or region.
It could also be a stage in the customer journey (e.g. beginners).
✍️ Copywriter
→ A copywriter who teaches beginner writers the tricks of the trade
🌇 Graphic designer
→ A presentation designer for public speakers or LinkedIn thought leaders
🖥 Web designer
→ A web designer specifically building sites for business coaches or service providers
👨🏻‍💼 Sales coach
→ A sales coach who works with real estate agents in Toronto
🥦 Health coach 
→ A health coach who works primarily with older couples to keep them active
📷 Photographer
→ A photographer who works with CEO
🌱 Gardening expert
→ A gardening expert who teaches how to grow lots of food in small spaces
👩🏽‍🍼 Mommy blogger
→ A Mommy blogger who teaches the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing
Shoot me a message if you need any help niching down. 
I’d love to hear about what you do.
See you next Tuesday,
Robert 🤖
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