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💁‍♀️ Faces Are the New Logos

Branding for Solopreneurs
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Your logo will never be as powerful as your face.
We look at faces first.
We look at faces the longest.
We even look where faces are looking.
Our survival instincts tell us to make instant assumptions about people:
  • how much we trust them.
  • how confident, smart, and successful they are.
  • how dominant and threatening they are.
…can’t do that with a logo.
The face is taking the logo’s place.
There are millions more real names and real faces online today.
Personal branding has become huge for showing your personality, consistency, and professionalism — to stand out from the rest.
Linktree also tells us there are over 200 million content creators in the world today, and that’s growing fast.
Let’s face it…
Logos on social media just don’t cut it anymore (unless you build up a team and call yourself a ‘company’).
I’m an identity designer of 18+ years and I don’t use a logo anymore.
My smirky face on that yellow–orange gradient has BECOME my logo.
➤ How to Make Your Pic Stand Out
  • Ideally, get a professional headshot.
  • Make sure it’s well lit and high quality.
  • Show your genuine personality.
  • Use your brand color or a simple background.
  • Use the same photo everywhere.
…and while you’re at it, get yourself a branded cover photo to match 😉
Great Examples from the People I follow
Note the genuine smiles, the head tilts, the confidence, and the vibrant colours that pop, and even a floating head!
As long as people are doing business with people
The face will always win.
See you next Tuesday,
Robert 🤖
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🤖 Robert Hacala
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