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Colour → Shape → Movement

Branding for Solopreneurs
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1st we see colour.
2nd we see shape.
3rd we see movement.
Now, take advantage of this:
➤Pick Your Colours
1. Pick one main colour that matches you and your target audience.
Then absolutely OWN that colour.
Use it everywhere:
  • docs
  • emails
  • websites
  • social media
  • profile pictures
  • personal accessories
→ Stuck on which colour to pick?
Here’s a handy chart to spark some ideas. (Source: Logo Company)
2. Pick one or two colours to support the first. Keep it simple. You can always add more later.
→ To find more colours
Use the palette generator at Simply enter your main colour and press “Generate” to get beautiful colour palettes.
→ Need help choosing a set?
Upload a photo to Canva’s colour palette generator to create a new palette.
➤Give it Shape
Decide on what kinds of shapes help communicate your business.
Think about your personality, and make sure it’s relevant to your audience.
Some tips to point you in the right direction:
→ Is your brand serious, fast, organized, or efficient?
Use squares, rectangles, triangles, stripes, and sans serif fonts.
→ Is it warm, friendly, approachable, or cute?
Use circles, curves, rounded shapes, and handwritten fonts.
→ Is it classic, traditional, or sophisticated?
Use ornate shapes, very thin lines, along with script and serif fonts.
➤Add Movement
Add moving elements to your:
  • website
  • emails
  • social posts
Use animated GIFs on your website to highlight something new, or to quickly show a process (instead of using video).
Do this in moderation of course… don’t go all 90s Geocities on me 😜
You can grab stickers like this from
Add animations to your social media posts, so you can share them as video (e.g. IG Reels) instead of having everything as feed post images.
Personalize your GIFs. Use to make your own GIFs from videos to create something like this:
“How do you do, fellow kids?”
“How do you do, fellow kids?”
Need help with any of this? 🤔
Just hit reply with any questions you got.
I’ll respond and help you out.
See you next Tuesday,
Robert 🤖
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