Roland Martin

Headmaster - City of London Freemen's school; Chief Officer - City of London; Chair - Society of Heads - '...write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing' Benjamin Franklin

Headmaster - City of London Freemen's school; Chief Officer - City of London; Chair - Society of Heads - '...write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing' Benjamin Franklin

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Roland Martin - Issue #73

Many of you will know that I am a great admirer of the work of Sir Ken Robinson. Frankly, why wouldn't you be? Especially if you are engaged in education. A while ago, I cited his brilliant 2006 TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? which has been viewed by ov…


Roland Martin - Issue #72

(It has been a while: sorry for that! Have needed some inspiration...)


Roland Martin - Issue #71

I'm going to be to the point this week...If you are not one of the 53 million or so people who have viewed Sir Ken Robinson's 2006 TED talk, 'Do School's Kill Creativity', you have missed out. So don't spend time reading me this week; find nineteen minutes to…


Roland Martin - Issue #70

I was very kindly asked by our Philosophy Society at School to give a brief talk to start their varied programme of speakers scheduled this year. I am, of course, totally under-qualified to talk about philosophy though have always been interested in it - poss…


Roland Martin - Issue #69

It seems a little silly to write if there's little to say... write things worth reading, is the maxim under which I labour after all... But I realise it's been a while so thought I should share the start of term assembly that I greeted our senior pupils with …


Roland Martin - Issue #68

We enjoyed a glorious day at Freemen's on Friday (29 June) with representatives from the City of London Corporation in attendance alongside our governing body - drawn in part from Members of the Court of Common Council. The shrieval Rolls Royce arrived with S…


Roland Martin - Issue #67

It is the second time that we have been fortunate to visit Japan on school business – in my last headship we had a longstanding partnership with a high school in Tokyo which my family and I were invited to visit, to open a new school site, in 2013 – but my fi…


Roland Martin - Issue #66

I don't tend to write restaurant reviews. It's not my normal topic. However, a restaurant visit I enjoyed recently was not the norm either.When we were planning an event in Guildhall around the topic of social mobility, the City of London supplied us with a l…


Roland Martin - Issue #65

It was my daughter's birthday recently, so I took the opportunity to take her to see the new Justice League film. It's great! We both really enjoyed it. It's a proper old-school all-action super-hero movie with a good heart. I'd heartily recommend it as good …


Roland Martin - Issue #64

We watched the 2017 Justice League stand-alone, Wonder Woman, over half term. One of the interesting things about the film - and perhaps it says more about society at large that we are still having to find this remarkable, as it's not in any way a norm - is t…


Roland Martin - Issue #63

We are always trying to stress the importance of relevance at Freemen's and this week has seen our accomplished Chaplain, Rev'd. Jon Prior, lead by example this week with an inspiring service address marking the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation which has …


Roland Martin - Issue #62

Listening to Nicola Morgan at the HMC conference this week, having already dipped in and out of her books on the teenage brain at home, one of her power-point slides made me revisit the need to support introverts within a school context.Extroverts and Introve…


Roland Martin - Issue #61

The Guardian's obit on Peter Hall - a fellow son of a railway worker, and a theatrical revolutionary.


Roland Martin - Issue #60

I learned this week the origin of this phrase - apparently it comes from a Punch cartoon of 1895.


Roland Martin - Issue #59

Abbreviated as NCS, if you don't already know, the scheme was set up by David Cameron’s former director of strategy, Steve Hilton. As Prime Minister, Cameron championed it as part of his desire to create a 'Big Society'. Launched in 2010, the 2011 riots meant…


Roland Martin - Issue #58

The man in the ‘Go Compare’ adverts first appeared in 2009, singing about car insurance. Since then, he has been popping up everywhere: in taxis, on advertising hoardings and even, as you can see, on aeroplanes. His purpose is to inform us about where we can …


Roland Martin - Issue #57

Out of all the educational initiatives, big and small, which we have been working on at Freemen's, I'm probably most proud of our Free Minds programme.It was born out of a desire to address the government's removal of the AS qualification at the end of year 1…


Roland Martin - Issue #56

I subscribe to an educational digest called Headlines. This morning, the story which caught my attention/imagination was: "Films to aid childhood development"Now I love a good film as much as the next Head, and find the years of cinematic pleasure shared with…


Roland Martin - Issue #55

Along with #rak, #spreadthekindness and #bethegood, hashtags celebrating volunteering have been gaining increased traction through social media. Obviously there have always been volunteers volunteering, giving up their time for free, to benefit others, and we…


Roland Martin - Issue #54

In my position it's not appropriate to be party-political and I try hard not to be, even if sometimes that proves to be difficult. I do, however, consider part of my role to be to provide some sort of moral guidance to young people and always have done; somet…