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Roland Martin - Issue #61


Roland Martin

September 20 · Issue #61 · View online

Headmaster - City of London Freemen's school; Chief Officer - City of London; Chair - Society of Heads - '...write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing' Benjamin Franklin

All sorts, from my desk.

The Guardian‘s obit on Peter Hall - a fellow son of a railway worker, and a theatrical revolutionary.
Peter Hall: a titan of the theatre and a vulnerable, sensitive man | Stage | The Guardian
Why leaders need to prioritise workplace culture - from Virgin.
Why leaders need to prioritise workplace culture | Virgin
A great initiative, livery schools link platform, launched at large last week. Livery company and city guilds members are encouraged to register where they live and where they work in order to be matched to schools where they can share their expertise and professional guidance. We will certainly be using it in school to book careers speakers.
Livery Schools Link - News
Community matters if you want a long joyful life …
Over nearly 80 years, Harvard study has been showing how to live a healthy and happy life | Harvard Gazette
A key new feature for Whats App, for when you make mistakes and want them gone!
Whatsapp are testing a much needed feature | indy100
Weightless: Anxiety reducing techno-music … have a listen, let me know if it works.
Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent (Listen) – Awareness Act
Harvard study on teaching inclusivity through reading; English teachers and librarians, choose wisely.
Harvard panelists say children’s books can teach empathy as inclusion, not replacement | Harvard Gazette
I don’t know if it’s the increasingly darkening evenings or the constant watching of the thermostat at home, but something about September makes us want to plan holidays Chez Martin. We stumbled across the following list (being English teachers by training!) offering inspiration:
10 great literary holidays
And here’s an appealing list of novels designed to take you on a trip round the world:
Literary travel: around the world in 10 must-read books | Travel | The Guardian
The Spectator‘s Ross Clark on why - in spite of rising costs - it’s still worth going to university. 
Ignore the fees naysayers – it still pays to go to university | The Spectator
An amusing exploration by Thrillist writer Stephen Rubino of a week living without fear, or more correctly, facing fears. There’s some method in it, some lessons to be learned.
Live Fearlessly and Seize All the Fun - Thrillist
Feedback from the Schools Together conference last Wednesday, and potential impact on schools’ partnership.
U-turn over threat to charitable status of private schools | Education | The Guardian
An interesting piece on being nice to school staff, saying thank you at the end of lessons etc. On the whole our students are delightful, do thank us for lessons, are enormously polite; nonetheless, it was noted this week that they need to turn on the charm a little earlier, first thing in the morning - not one student was seen to acknowledge staff crossing them over the zebra crossings in school at drop-off. We will be asserting the need to mind manners in our end of week newsletter … 
How strict is too strict at school? | Education | The Guardian
Sam Leith, on Stephen Greenblatt, on Creation.
The ‘biography’ of the creation myth: The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve reviewed | The Spectator
That's all folks ...
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