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Roland Martin - Issue #2

Surrounded by the elegance and opulence of the City's Mansion House, the Lady Mayoress of London - wh

Roland Martin

November 10 · Issue #2 · View online
Headmaster - City of London Freemen's school; Chief Officer - City of London - '...write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing' Benjamin Franklin

Surrounded by the elegance and opulence of the City’s Mansion House, the Lady Mayoress of London - who also happens to be a governor of my school - was last Wednesday bidding adieu to the assembled party as she and her husband approach the end of their year in office. I was fortunate to be attending. She gave a blinder of a speech. It had the whole of the Egyptian Hall transfixed, laughing in the right places, moved by her tangible appreciation of the people who made her year a pleasure, but also by the evident strength of the Yarrows’ partnership in this role. Her speech was flawless, and everyone afterwards commented on the success of it. It was not, therefore, a surprise to learn that Gilly Yarrow was once a teacher. 
It set me thinking, just how many skills we have to deploy in our roles as educators, and just how transferable those skills are to roles we might not expect to have in our extra-curricular lives. 
There’s a link here to GrownandFlown’s blog - a list of reasons why we should appreciate teachers, and of course, I’d have to agree:

Eight Best Things Teachers Do For Kids
There are, of course, articles out there pointing out how your skills as a teacher make you oh-so-employable beyond the classroom, such as this one from thosewhoteach:
Five Skills Teachers Have That Employers Want | Those Who Teach
Gavin Beart, senior regional manager at employment agency Reed, was quoted in the Guardian (11th March 2014) thus:
“A teacher [has] skills such as planning, organisation, presentation abilities, confidence to deliver in groups and to deal with difficult situations. Teachers … have grit, determination and perseverance.”
Again, I’d agree. Yet more than this, we - in classrooms around the world - exercise an armoury of skills which we call upon and flit between, without necessarily stopping to ponder them. 
If you have stumbled across this blog because you are thinking of becoming a teacher, you might find Toronto District School Board’s Freddie Silver’s suggestions helpful. She sets out some of the attributes that you will need:
What Skills Knowledge & Experiences Are Needed to Become a Teacher? |
I will more than likely return to look in depth at some of these skills later in my blogs, but for now, hearing Gilly Yarrow, hearing her audience reflect on her speech, I was reminded that we can be a pretty awesome bunch, and phenomenally adaptable to boot. 
I would happily concur with Barry Smolin in this video, #teachhappy:
Those Who Can, Teach! - YouTube
And I hope that my colleagues can take some pride in their careers, because … well, just watch Take Part’s charming video here:
Thank a Teacher - YouTube
Although it’s not #thankateacherday you might just like to thank one today, simply because it’s a grimy November morning, or … because you can. 
TEACH: Superhero - YouTube
#teachbold #teachbig #teachhappy
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