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Roland Martin - Issue #18

'Tis the season...

Roland Martin

April 26 · Issue #18 · View online
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‘Tis the season…

...Exam season
With the English Language IGCSE just around the corner (next week in fact) I thought the following item might provide some succour. 
Exam fiascos: what's the worst that could happen? | Education | The Guardian
Although we might be a little too close to the date for hay-fever remedies to take full effect, and I wouldn’t ever recommend what the trendy Guardian writer calls ‘study drugs’, I am pretty sure that the majority of our students have been taking wise precautions with their learning and revision. We’ve certainly tried our best to furnish them with the best teaching and - along with 164 other schools - have brought those ultra-engaging young Elevate people back in to talk our teens through their preparations.
Elevate Education
Revision aids
What Elevate delivers is somewhat similar in approach to this website -
GCSE | GCSE Revision Tips | Advice from Past Students | ExamTime
- where teachers and students can make their own quizzes, mindmaps, flashcards and so on. The TES has recently introduced Blendspace where teachers can keep their electronic resources tied to an account, making lever-arch files increasingly outmoded. There is a glut of techie help out there right now. I expect, being well over 25, that I’m one of the last people that pupils would turn to for information about what to find ‘on the line’.
However, judging from the number of highlighter pens and multi-hued post-its floating around school, old-school colour-coded notes seems to be the norm these days, still. Which brings me to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, suggesting that handwriting one’s notes makes for better learning (for most).
Can Handwriting Make You Smarter? - WSJ
An interesting study, in this day and age of keyboard tapping. Of course, it’s horses for courses, though I am not surprised at the effectiveness that handwriting might have in helping to commit information to memory, having found that to be the best way to learn lines in my student acting career!
You say tomato...
With all this in mind, if you, or your student/son/daughter is feeling it’s all a bit much now, I will leave the last word to a young memory champion, Ed Cooke, in The Telegraph this week.
If you need to make the most of those last few days (and indeed weeks for some subjects) try his italian tomato timer technique!
Revision techniques: The secret to exam revision success
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