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Issue #15: A catechism of errors? A new book

Issue #15: A catechism of errors? A new book
By Aurelio Porfiri • Issue #15 • View online
A new book questions the new Catholic catechism. Don Pietro Leone, on his foreword to the book has said: “I would like warmly to recommend this thoughtful, acute and profound analysis of the ‘New Catechism’ to the reader. It is my hope that it will be diffused as widely as possible.
In the present ecclesial crisis, which is above all, and in its origins, of a doctrinal nature, a careful, sober and objective examination of recent official Church doctrine is indispensable and long overdue.
We are at present witnessing an awakening on the part of Catholics to the heterodoxy of the New Rite of Mass, of the Second Vatican Council, and of subsequent Papal teaching. The present volume will afford an important contribution to this uncovering of falsehood, in view of a return to Catholic Truth, in all its purity and power.  
Proficiat ad Vitam Aternam! Amen.”
With host, musician and author Aurelio Porfiri will debate about this book the author Michael Haynes and scholar Eduardo Echeverria.

A catechism of errors? A new book
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