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Newsletter of Rishit Dagli - Issue #3

Rishit Dagli
Rishit Dagli
Hey there, this is the third edition of this newsletter where I share new things I find interesting in technology and AI (paper summaries, open-source, more) straight to your inbox!

My updates on Open source 🧑‍💻
Released v0.2.0 with end-to-end training examples, pre-trained model, reproducing paper results, and tests.
Contributed >20 new models (RegNet, TridentNet, FCOS…) some new to the TensorFlow community as well which we created while experimenting for our most recent paper.
My writings 📝
What Are Graph Neural Networks? How GNNs Work, Explained with Examples
Great reads from the community📖
DiffGAN-TTS: High-Fidelity and Efficient Text-to-Speech with Denoising Diffusion GANs
Neural Architecture Search (NAS): basic principles and different approaches
VRT: A Video Restoration Transformer
Roger Penrose - Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
Learning Super-Features for Image Retrieval
Open-source from community 👏
hendrycks/math: The MATH Dataset (NeurIPS 2021)
infer-actively/pymdp: A Python implementation of active inference for Markov Decision Processes
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Rishit Dagli
Rishit Dagli @rishit_dagli

New things I find interesting about AI (paper summaries, open-source, more) and technology in general straight to your inbox!

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