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301 and 302 Hijacking for Maximum Traffic - Issue #1

Rishi's SEO Tips and Observations
Rishi's SEO Tips and Observations
You have been sent this email because you were subscribed to my Refugeeks blog a while back. I am testing out Revue, and bringing back my SEO observations, tricks and tips newsletter.
  • What I will be looking at:
  • Areas most SEOs ignore
  • Affiliate tricks
  • Case Studies
  • Micro Affiliate Opportunities (I spot many, but never have the time to pursue)
I hope you find it useful - this week I look at how Google fails miserably to police 301 and 302s.

Amazon Doubling Down With Its URL Shortener
If you follow SEO advice blindly without testing - you really are missing out on upskilling to real world SEO skills. Take for example 301 and 302 redirects. They can be used in some insane ways.
Amazons short URL. (Example As of June it has become a ranking power house for the long tail.
13 million URLS indexed
And the traffic and rankings? Growing at an alarming rate:
The Blackhat Money Maker
What could YOU do by hammering a high value domain with a global URL shortener and then pumping that shortener with a tonne of low value links?
The fact is this isnt a new vulnerability in the SERPs. I have written about it before:
302 Redirect Hijacking | fastfwd Insights
In summary - don’t take SEO advice blindly - and learn to understand the fringes of the practice - there are so many oddities in the algorithm that can be exploited for profit, but also mischief. Well informed is well guarded.
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Rishi's SEO Tips and Observations
Rishi's SEO Tips and Observations

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