Design Tactics

By Ridd

A monthly series highlighting practical tactics for product designers

A monthly series highlighting practical tactics for product designers

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Design Tactics #14 — Strategies for getting async feedback

View an example by the head of design at Arc


Design Tactics #13 - Is this the future of animation?

▶️ Also includes a new walkthrough video


Design Tactics #12 — New lesson video 👀

How to think like a developer, component props strategies, and more...


Design Tactics #11 — 9 design takeaways from Arc

I wholeheartedly believe that Arc is going to have a MASSIVE impact on the world of product design.They've rethought what it means to surf the internet from the ground up.And it's incredible... 🤯The more I kept using the product the more I kept thinking "geez…


Design Tactics #10 - The ultimate design swipe file

New tutorial video + tons of component properties resources


Design Tactics #9 — Advanced strategies for component properties

Get FREE access to the new component properties lesson from Figma Academy


Design Tactics #8 — 4 strategies for component properties

I'm grateful to work in an industry where sometimes it feels like it's hard to keep up :)Not kidding...I've easily been asked 100+ times how Config has changed the way I approach building in Figma. Over the last couple of weeks I've been tinkering and writing…


Design Tactics #7 — How to communicate intent

There's a reason that "Thinking in variables + objects" is the very first lesson in Figma Academy. It's a mental model that lays the foundation for so much of our work (whether we realize it or not). So if you want to learn more about establishing a language …


Design Tactics - The do's and don'ts of .base components + a special offer

I would LOVE to promote you to top design teams 😎 Yup! You read that right! Starting today I'm launching the Designer Talent Network and I made a 50-second video to share more about how it works (you're the first group to see this clip) 👇


Design Tactics - Issue #5

There's a ton of goodness in this issue including two previously unreleased walkthrough videos so I won't waste any time... let's dive in 👇


Design Tactics — Spacers, automations, slots, and more...

Dan Hollick recently wrote an excellent comparison between two strategies for handling spacing in Figma:"Spacer" componentsAuto layout wrappersAs a concept, "spacers" are super attractive as a way to standardize spacing tokens. Additionally, you can increase …


Design Threads - Advanced "Slots", Webflow tutorials, and more...

One of the most challenging features I've designed this year at Maven is the course landing page editor. Part of what makes the experience tricky is that we use a set of components that can display an almost infinite combination of UI within them.As I got fur…


Design Threads — Interactive components or magic?

New workflow that I'm falling in love with 👇I've recently been playing around with building nested interactive + .base components as the very first step in my UI exploration process. You might think I'm crazy... but the workflow is becoming second nature and …


Introducing "Design Threads"

The inspirationOnce a month I receive an email newsletter from Julie Zhuo called "The Looking Glass". I never miss an issue and it's one of the most anticipated emails I receive each month. In it, Julie shares her top tweet threads from the previous 30 days a…