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Transformation is not about How We Look- A lesson for #climateAction

ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
Transformation is not about how we look. It’s about what we exist for. Remember, the purpose of everyone is to be useful. The usefulness of turning challenges into opportunities. That’s the why of what we must live for. We must become useful and turn the environmental challenges we all face today into opportunities to touch many lives positively. Anything less than this is not transformation. Understanding challenges and devising solutions to solve them is transformational development.

We must always push substance over form. That’s how we can transform. Never allow anyone to define you using a pencil test. Where you come from should be your pride. Focus on giving your best in whatever you do and bringing impact. That’s what matters, and to do this, we urgently need faith and self-belief that we can become the solutions we seek.
This is the essence of #innovativevolunteerism, which is the hallmark of leveraging skills and talents to turn challenges into opportunities through the #climateaction lens. #InnovativeVolunteerism is about working with the willing. It is about voluntarily being loyal to logic and guidance to drive a new transformational #climateaction and development model for Africa and the world. A model that works directly with the people, so people can benefit from what they have – they can participate in owning the solutions as that’s the only sustainability pathway we can take to ensure the longevity of solutions.
With the changing climate, none of us is immune to the impacts—the droughts causing crop failure in our mother’s farms in villages. The floods are submerging our cities. The cyclones destroying properties in our communities should matter to us.
So, every time we participate in our purpose, our vision, we must do so with #climatechange in our minds to leverage challenges as disguised opportunities to help others. So we must approach life with the mindset that the changing climate is with us. We must all usher ourselves to drive transformational #ClimateAction development, knowing that as much as we would love for it to be just about us, It’s not. We are responsible as citizens, and the blame game mastered over time has not helped us progress. This is the #mindsetchange I have been consistently pushing for our #youth.
So let’s not run away from the reality we know and see. We must stop looking for reasons that impede us to drive transformational development. Just because you are told, you cannot do it doesn’t mean you can’t try. To all the young people, never fail to try. You have a voice to complain, which means that you have agency. Some people don’t just have the opportunity to get information. So if you can complain, know that others don’t even have the chance to complain. Always ask yourself who should fix the challenges you complain about, and as you ask who should set them, ask yourself what your role in improving them is and what have you done to fix them. Look into the mirror.
Excellence is a habit, not an event. It’s nothing that is sold in a market. It is not about complaining alone without playing your part to do what is needed. Little actions collectively done can transform an entire society. Are you playing your role?.
We need excellence to drive transformational #ClimateAction #ClimatePreneurship
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ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang @richardmunang

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