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Inspiring and Igniting #Passion is a Project on its Own

ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
Inspiring #Passion is a Project on its Own. I call passion the new currency of now. Passion is the fuel that implements. To put this in perspective, just imagine that money is raised and divided among the over 1.2 billion inhabitants of Africa. How much do you think would end up in each pocket? how many fund raisers will you need to organize to generate enough?
The truth is you would never have enough. Regardless of the much that is contributed, it cannot substitute the 99% of individual passion, that drives implementation. The point I am making here, is that what implements is not material resources alone, but the unquenchable fire that wells from within an individual’s spirit called passion. Inspiring and igniting this #passion in our #youth is one of the biggest project actions we can ever undertake. This is what #InnovativeVolunteerism is all about. #Passion is the fuel that moves ideas into real life solutions. It is what keeps one going. It is what fuels persistence and perseverance until success is achieved.
But what ignites passion? The answer lies in developing what is called an #unborrowedvision. A purposeful pursuit to do something using what one has, regardless of material gain, and become useful in touching many lives. This is the biggest sustainability, and the actions of each and everyone of us must seek to inspire and nurture such an unborrowed vision in all the youth in every engagement we have with them. This then becomes a project on its own, which each one of us must take as an individual responsibility to undertake.
From today, aspire to inspire the millions of people whether young or old, into purposeful pursuits. This is the real winner because regardless of what we have in driving development of societies, if it falls on passionless youth, then no transformation will occur. It is people who drive development for themselves. We do not do development for people. All we can do is to facilitate through our inspirational actions.

If we fail to do so, we will be missing out on the biggest enabler of sustainability, which is a self-motivated, self-driven people. Work with the willing and always and let those who have a passion to touch many lives be guided. And then stories of their transformation as individuals and the many lives they have touched with their actions, will then become a source of inspiration for many others.
#InnovativeVolunteerism has demonstrated and cemented this transformational logic for #climate Action in Africa. Embrace it!
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ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang
ClimatePreneurship with Dr. Richard Munang @richardmunang

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