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There is nothing about Elden Ring in this email

The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
Hello everyone, and congratulations for making it to the end of another week. It’s certainly been a busy one for the games industry, with some truly great games finally seeing release, so I hope you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with your titles of choice.
It has, of course, also been a fairly terrifying week for events on the world stage. I do not feel at all qualified to comment on such matters, so I’m not going to – other than to say that I hope our work on Rice Digital provides a much-needed escape for those who are finding the ongoing chaos all a bit much.
Of course, this is not to diminish the impact of said chaos – but at times like this it is important to recognise when everything is becoming overwhelming, particularly if you’re not in a position to be able to do anything about it. So we’re doing what we can… by simply doing what we always do, and hopefully providing a pleasant place for you to hang out.
And if you do want to do a little something more substantial to help out, I recommend picking up a copy of This War of Mine from or Steam; between Feb 24 and Mar 3, all profits are going to help victims of the war in Ukraine.
Pete Davison, Editor

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Don’t forget you can get in touch with us at any time in the week by replying to the Rice Digital Weekly Digest or using the Letters Page on the site!
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And there we are for another week! With it being so busy this week there wasn’t any time for any video stuff on YouTube, but all being well that will be back next week.
Have as pleasant a weekend as it is possible to have under the current circumstances – and we will, of course, see you again on Monday. Big love to you all.
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The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest @RiceDigital

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