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The Week the Queen Died

The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of newsletter last week, I was away from my main work computer and thus thought I might as well save all the stuff from last week for this week’s newsletter. I’ve also been on holiday this week, so that’s why the site has been a little quieter than usual, too! Back to business as usual from Monday, though.
It’s been a sad week for us here in the UK with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. I’m not going to get into any discussion of her here or do that Brand thing of insincerely expressing our sorrow – but let’s just say that it’s a big moment in our history, and as such if you’re talking to any Brits in the next couple of weeks it might be worth… treading a little carefully, shall we say, for a variety of reasons!
But let’s distract from the many things people are feeling as a result of the events of this week, and catch up on what you might have missed of late. Take good care of yourselves, and be kind to one another!
Pete Davison, Editor

This week (and last week) on Rice Digital
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The Weekly Waifus (and Husbandos)
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The Library is open!
The Rice Digital Feature Library - Rice Digital
Have you explored...?
Six of the Best - Rice Digital
And that’s the end of another week. Back to business as usual from Monday! Have as lovely a weekend as it’s possible to have under the circumstances.
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The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest @RiceDigital

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