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Spring has sprung

The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
Hello everyone, and a happy weekend to you! Spring has well and truly sprung around here at Rice Towers; the sun is out, the birds are singing and my cats are lounging in sunbeams. As such, I have the curtains shut and the fan blasting. I do not do well in the heat.
Lots of interesting things for you to explore from among this week’s features. Just one request from me: there are a couple of hot-button issues discussed among this week’s features, so if you have things to say, keep it civil. We’ve already had to ban one edgelord with literal actual Nazi iconography in their username (and vile invective spewing forth from their commenting fingers), so let’s not have any more of that, hmm? The Rice Digital community is better than that, I know!
Anyway, that aside, enjoy the weekend – and I’m off to go enjoy some retro gaming with my shiny new C64!
Pete Davison, Editor

This week on Rice Digital
10 reasons to get excited for Super Bullet Break - Rice Digital
Battle Royale and the many faces of love - Rice Digital
10 of the best title screens and main menus in video games - Rice Digital
3 of the best JRock songs from April - Rice Digital
Exploring Club Suicide's common route and Eba's story - Rice Digital
How One Piece's 1,015th episode renewed my faith in anime - Rice Digital
Aoashi kicks off to a great start - Rice Digital
Our Teachers are Dating! volume 4 brings things to a satisfying and sexy conclusion - Rice Digital
The A500 Mini: making the underappreciated side of retro gaming more accessible - Rice Digital
4 of the worst fighting game costumes - Rice Digital
Anime has always been political, and that shouldn't scare you - Rice Digital
Is a Kindle Paperwhite good for manga and light novels? - Rice Digital
3 great games I wish I'd pulled off the backlog sooner - Rice Digital
The weekly waifu (and husbando)
Waifu Wednesday: Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill la Kill) - Rice Digital
Hump Day Husbandos: Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) - Rice Digital
The Rice Digital Friday Letters Page
No letters this week! Boohoo. If you’d like to submit your own contributions to the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page, just reply to this email or stop by the official Letters Page and fill out the form. Note that we reserve the right to laugh heartily and take the piss very publicly if you show up acting like a bellend. But, as previously noted, you’re better than that, no?
The Rice Digital Friday Letters Page
The Library is open!
Don’t forget all our regular features, multi-part explorations and other long-form goodness can all be found in the Rice Digital Feature Library. If you’re enduring a particularly lengthy toilet visit, there should be plenty to keep you occupied here.
The Rice Digital Feature Library
In the news
Danganronpa 2, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising joining Xbox Game Pass this month - Rice Digital
Chocobo GP season 1 extended, season changes detailed - Rice Digital
Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei details main cast - Rice Digital
And that’s your lot for another week! Enjoy the springtime sunshine, play some video games and close your Twitter account; that’s my advice for a happy life. Now I’m off to play Sword of Fargoal all evening.
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The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
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