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Here come some New Challengers!

The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
Whew, what a week. Your Editor’s computer blew up on Monday, necessitating a mad scramble to get a new one. This means I now have a lovely, shiny and pleasingly powerful new rig. This is very nice indeed – apparently the way around the absurd prices of graphics cards today is to simply buy a new PC that has one in it – but it was a little scary for a day or two!
Anyway, that’s all sorted now, so hopefully you didn’t notice too much disruption along the way; if you did, well, things will be back to normal from now, with the main difference being I can now run Microsoft Flight Simulator at 60fps instead of 30. Which is, you know, nice.
Enough about me, though – let’s dig in to what you might have missed this week! The big release this week is the sequel to Arcade Spirits, which our Lils enjoyed very much – and the immensely promising Super Bullet Break has a release date, too, making it high time we did a detailed preview!
Pete Davison, Editor

This week on Rice Digital
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Middle-aged weeb crashes expensive jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator's Top Gun update - Rice Digital
The weekly waifu (and husbando)
Waifu Wednesday: Naomi Fairchild (Arcade Spirits) - Rice Digital
Hump Day Husbandos: Percy Sinclair (Arcade Spirits) - Rice Digital
That’s your lot for now! Have a thoroughly pleasant weekend and we’ll see you again next week!
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The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest @RiceDigital

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