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A new year of Rice Digital begins!

The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
Hello everyone! It’s coming up on a year since I took over as editor here at Rice Digital, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of this site so far.
As a writer, it’s a great opportunity for me to test my skills by writing about a wide variety of things; as a gaming enthusiast, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the wide variety of games that are available to us all today; and as someone with an interest in Asian popular culture, it’s the perfect excuse to fill my shelves with manga, anime and games!
As the new year goes on, doubtless we’ll tweak a few things about the site here and there – and one of those tweaks has happened right away! We’ve revamped the submission process for the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page; now, rather than using the widget at the side of the page (which is now gone) you simply go to the “Letters” option in the top menu and pop your message right into the form there.
The same rules as before apply: no personal information will be shared (though we do need your email address to help prevent spam and in case you need a private response) and you’re free to share whatever you want with us – be it a simple question to ask us, or something more substantial you want to say about something we’ve written or popular culture in general.
We look forward to hearing more from you all in this new year – and here’s hoping that 2022 is a better year in general for everyone.
Pete Davison, Editor

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And that’s your lot for now! You’ll notice there’s no Rice Digital Friday Letters Page or videos this week – both of those will be back next week now the gradual startup process of the new year is over and done with.
Hope you had a good new year – and here’s wishing you a thoroughly pleasant 2022. Or as pleasant as it’s possible for it to be under the current circumstances, anyway!
Now I’m off to get stuck back into Full Metal Daemon Muramasa… I have a long journey ahead of me!
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The Rice Digital Weekly Digest
The Rice Digital Weekly Digest @RiceDigital

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