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💀☁️The end of Windows | The start of the end of the cloud

This week: Microsoft is thinking about Windows in a fresh light and Apple could be leading the charge
💀☁️The end of Windows | The start of the end of the cloud
By Connected Paths (Riaz Kanani) • Issue #62 • View online
This week: Microsoft is thinking about Windows in a fresh light and Apple could be leading the charge towards a newer type of Internet.
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Microsoft's changing shape.
Ben Thompson has an excellent write-up of the re-organisation of Microsoft. For the first time since  1980, Microsoft does not have a Windows division, instead it is split between Azure and Office 365.
How companies are structured has a major impact on direction and success of a company. Increasing opportunities to interact in some areas and reducing it in others means that the focus of an entire company can change over time. With it so can the culture.
Windows will continue to be released of course, but the article looks at what this means for Microsoft’s direction and the biggest challenge for Microsoft ahead. Regardless, it remains reliant on Windows’ domination as a barrier to competition.
It also looks at how Nadella dealt with closing down the Windows Phone by forcing the Windows division into make the decision itself. True or not, I wonder whether this brings us closer to a new Windows phone built on Android now. Could Microsoft make such a leap?
Could data kill the cloud?
Facebook and Google are at the heart of collecting data and building very successful businesses on top of it. Microsoft has interests in managing business relationships (CRM) and owns LinkedIn, which also monetises data and finally Amazon’s future success with Alexa relies on better understanding people.
Apple though, has been very vocal about its privacy first approach. It is a smart differentiator for them versus the other companies mentioned above with their significant business interest in data. 
The only problem with this approach is that Apple has Siri - its own artificial assistant that also relies on knowing people. Only last week, Don Reisinger reported hires for Siri are accelerating at Apple.
Today, all data collected gets pushed back to company servers and processed there. Alexa records short bursts of audio and the answers are processed in the cloud before being answered by the Alexa device.
A privacy first approach means that this data needs to sit on the local device and not be sent back a company’s servers. How though does the broader AI learn over time if it is unable to see the patterns across millions of users. Assuming someone has (will?) find a way to do this, I expect people would pay the Apple premium for it. 
What we could be seeing though is the slow shift away from the cloud. In doing so it might force a shift in the way Facebook, Google and even how the Internet as a whole works today.

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