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Robots | Chat | Facebook

This week looks at robots, chat and AI. You could argue Linkedin is where Facebook was a decade ago,
Robots | Chat | Facebook
By Connected Paths (Riaz Kanani) • Issue #31 • View online
This week looks at robots, chat and AI. You could argue Linkedin is where Facebook was a decade ago, though I doubt they will take ten years to release some AI capabilities through its new messaging capabilities. Finally Facebook brings its AI service to the UK.

Everything starts somewhere.
A recent visit showcasing the history of Robots at the Science Museum in London shows its history and there is no doubt how far we have come in recent decades. The look of disappointment on my five year old daughter tells you how far we still have to go.
For all the hype around robots and artificial intelligence, the results are still not much better than a smart assistant shaped like a robot.
Today the real advances in the mainstream market are single purpose robots but for the early adopters we arent far away from generalised robots.
Spun out of Sphero, the team behind the Star Wars BB8 droid (see photo) believe this to be the case and are spinning out Misty Robots as a result.
Reminiscent of Microsofts motto of a computer in every home, its CEO Tim Enwall said he believed there will be a robot in everyones home and office.
They are not the only ones though. Somewhat larger in scale and throwing plenty of money around to build out their robotics capabilities, Softbank has Pepper and NAO two robots that eventually will have generalised capability in the home. Today though, it is mostly used by businesses and researchers. As an individual you can only buy Pepper in Japan and NAO cannot even be bought.
LinkedIn showing its cards
LinkedIn has had some trouble over the years figuring out what it wanted to be but its back to doubling down on business social capabilities again. A few months back it tweaked its Messenger service to sit bottom right similar to Facebooks Messenger.
Now for some people it has rolled out Active Status so you can see if someone is online or not. Im interested to see if there is anything of more substance behind this as no one needs another messenger service. Let alone one that is only used by recruiters and sales people.

Facebook M speaks English (UK)
Finally - for those looking jealously across the pond at Facebooks M service, it is finally rolling out here. Im sure there must be at least one of you somewhere. M is Facebooks intelligent assistance. Think Alexa without the voice capabilities.
It launched to lofty aspirations back in 2015 but two years later its capabilities have been much tailed back. Now the most it does it listen to your conversation and make intelligent suggestions to make things easier. So say goodnight and it might recommend a good night sticker.
Hardly revolutionary then, but rather boringly, they also seem to be working on a speaker that will have voice capability and compete with Alexa, Google Home and however many other devices there are coming onto the market.

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